Dr. Prakash Cyber Porn Case - Complete Story

Dr. L. Prakash (city doctor) hails from Kerala and has the air of a film hero about him, while the real hero image that he had in the society has gone down the sewers. He had a successful practice in Anna Nagar and had his clinic there. Her physician wife Srilakshmi had a problem with her uterus, which had to be removed. It is said that she had lost interest in normal sex with her husband.

This probably impelled Dr. Prakash to taste the forbidden apple out of wedlock and suppressed feelings took no time to take the shape of perversion. He, it is reported, sweet-talked women patients and their women relatives who accompanied them. In some cases, it is even said, that he had used threats as the weapon. But that is only one of the weapons from his arsenal. He had plenty of tricks to denude and deflower the butterfly. It was not sufficient for him and he used 'assistants' to 'act' it out on the bed - even on the wide open-beach and other unusual spots. It became an obsession with Dr. Prakash to videotape the intimate moments, the collection of which piled up quickly.

The doctor has a younger brother (Pradeep Lakshmanan) who lives in the States. It was one of those days when the younger brother came to India that the elder brother so very affectionately screened the grand old 'success stories' with gusto for the younger brother to enjoy. The younger brother showed his keen business sense and told Dr. Prakash of the vast voyeuristic flesh market functioning on the net in the US and digitised the tapes.

Casting the net

The brothers then created their own websites (, one in the States and the other in India for the visual pleasure of subscribers to quench their extreme thirst. The websites soon minted dollars. The ease with which 'insects' fell into the net ...encouraged the spiders to widen their 'net' and they serviced other pornographic sites by supplying the grist to their mills. It is said that both the websites have in their store more than hundred thousand tapes and clippings. Money started pouring in and doctor washed his hands on medicine to become a professional video-grapher. Hmmm…. From physician to pornographer… it is a long way indeed!

The 'assistants' that the doctor enlisted to 'act it out' were from a varied and wide-ranging group - employees in his hospital, support actors, students, few popular actresses and even a hero! Everybody has a price. It is either money, or drugs or luxurious life style. The last weapon is blackmail and threats.

The massive bungalow in Karuneegar Street, Nerkundram, owned by the doctor has an impressive swimming pool in the basement and is valued at Rs.3 crores approximately. He owns a farmhouse in an area of 10 acre in Kalanji Kuppam, an island close to Ennore - known as 'Dr. Prakash Island' - worth several crores. He owns several houses in Madhuravoyal, Thiruvanmiyur and Porur as well. There are cottages that he owns in Pazhaverkkadu, surrounded by thick casuarina groves. These cottages were the favourite haunts of Dr. Prakash and his 'outdoor unit' and most of the acts of amorous acclaim are reported to have been shot in this locale. Prakash seems to be rather imaginative about the locations. He owns an artificial limb centre in Ambattur Industrial Estate, which were used as substitutes for studio sets.

He owns property worth an estimated Rs.20 crores in Chennai alone. Police have sealed the houses belonging to Dr. Prakash in Valasaravakkam, Nerkundram and Ennore. The website belonging to Prakash dramatically changed its contents on the afternoon of January 3rd, carrying the portraits of an array of Hindu pantheon of Gods, instead of the usual cupid's delight - most of them used to be morphed images of popular film artistes.

Five special squads have been formed to go in depth into the web scandal of the doctor. One will identify the persons who were part of the unit of the doctor that partook in the digital orgy and helped him to shoot, digitise and upload. The second squad would go into the cases against Prakash. The third team has been formed to find out the girls, women and the film artistes who are shown in the tapes. The fourth squad would assay the value of his properties and the fifth is busy conducting enquiries with Prakash. All these squads are operating under Tripathi, South Madras Deputy Commissioner and Shanmuga Rajeswaran, Asst Commissioner of Police.

You don't know. here might be a hidden camera inside the peering stethoscope!

CHENNAI: The condition of 'nurse' Chitra, one of the main witnesses in the 'Dr Prakash cyber porn case', who was admitted along with her sister-in-law Asha at a private hospital here after they attempted suicide, continues to be critical.

In what could be considered a setback in the sensational case, Asha died late on Saturday night at the hospital.

Both Chitra and Asha attempted to commit suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills on June 15 at their home in Aminjikkarai owing to 'harassment' by the police.

While Chitra is the main witness in the sensational Dr Prakash cyber porn case, Asha is Chitra's brother Stalin's husband. The Choolaimedu police were on the lookout for Stalin in connection with a murder case in 2000 and two other cases registered in 2002. Chitra's mother Maragatham who had arrived in the City after her husband, Jayamoni, was murdered in Madurai a few years ago, had recently filed a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission stating that her daughter Chitra and daughter-in-law Asha were forced to attempt suicide due to police harassment.

It was alleged that the Choolaimedu police officials had dragged Chitra and Asha to the police station at least on two occasions. The suicide attempt by the two women was a result of their being 'insulted' and `harassed' by police, Maragatham alleged.

However, Choolaimedu Police Inspector Murugesan denied the allegations. He told the newspaper owned by our website that he had seen Chitra only when he was producing Stalin (who surrendered before the court in Vellore a month ago) in the court recently and added that he had never interacted with either Chitra or Asha.

Chitra was first arrested along with a few others including Prakash, who were charged with shooting pornographic movies and putting them on the internet.

However, Chitra turned an approver in the case after she provided the police with vital information including how she was forced by Prakash to pose before the camera in compromising positions at gun point.

Police sources said that Chitra had initially interacted with Prakash during her husband's treatment. Later when she was unwell, she was treated by Prakash and by then they had become intimate to each other. Chitra allegedly fell into the doctor's trap and she became part of the team that was involved in creating pornographic material for Prakash's website.

However, things turned sour when Prakash allegedly forced her to continue with the business even when she wanted to leave him. However, Asha was not involved in the Prakash case, as per police records.