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1416 Print Bra

Style # 1416 : Goddess Print Bra

Availability: In stock
Sizes : 34-52 B,C,D,DD plus 36-52 DDD cups
Color: White
*Two tone delustered
*Satin Print Bra
*With Lycra
*Front hook bandless underwire
*Alluring low center gore
*Cushioned non-slip shoulder straps


How a print bra is created?

“3D scanning for fitting clothing is nothing new—but a 3D printed bra that fits perfectly and feels great was the aim of van Twillert when she transitioned from industrial engineering to 3D printed bra-making. “Good design is sustainable and creates a bond – it creates products that become cherished,” she said. “Bras are usually comfortable or beautiful, not both.” Starting with a hypothesis that she could create an algorithm that would take the natural breast shape of a 3D scan and ‘augment’ it to a supported shape that provides the ideal comfort and fit, she set about reverse engineering bra design based on what she terms the “bra evangelist” approach. This approach involves trying dozens, if not hundreds, of bras and assessing the comfort and fit with the wearer. From here she created a protocol of required data points that led to a proprietary algorithm (which she learned the language to code—a language she will not disclose due to a patent pending) with which to analyze the 3D scan. Her ultimate aim is to develop this into an AI-led algorithm that will refine “optimal fit” output as the data set grows.”

3D Printed Bra : Contour Bustier


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