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CC’s Lingerie – Find Best Fitting Bra

Since a majority of our customers contact us personally before purchasing a garment. We found that personal contact is an essential element to a proper fit. This service allows the best fitting garment for your needs. WE CARE.

Our mission is to enable our customers to purchase affordably foundations on the Internet in the pursuit of obtaining the correct garment and the correct size.

To purchase an item, Phone us or Email us or click the Paypal button available on each LSOA product.

Pay by Credit Card (VISA or MASTER CARD) or Check (send by mail) or Money Order. Shipping and Handling Costs are placed on all orders. CALL for the Correct Amount.

Phone: 602-954-9400

Call at the above number to place an order for a garment

Normal Business Hours: Between 10 am and 6 pm MST; Monday through Saturday

New Business Hours due to COVID-19 (not applicable, currently):

Monday: Between 10am and 2pm MST
Friday: Between 10am and 2pm MST
Saturday: Between 10am and 5pm MST

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