Bra Collections

Our extensive and diverse collections are forever in demand because of the fit.

Now you don’t need to worry about another foundation garment ever again.

You can buy these hard to find items online via Lingerie Shops of America®.

LSOA® store offers plus size bras and lingerie in these categories –

Strapless Bra
Long Line Bra
Front Closure Bra
Waist Cincher
Underwire Bra (buy 13211 Lunaire | Elomi | Print bras)
Non Underwire Bra (shop 13214 Versailles full-figure bra)
Sport Bra
Nursing Bra
Post Surgery Bra
Prosthetic Bra
Lymphedema Bra
Push-up Bra
Super Size Bra
Super Size Lingerie
Plus Size Costumes
Regular Size Lingerie
Prosthetic Breast Form
Zipper Girdle
Body Briefer
Plus Size Panty
Sexy Shoes
Garter Belt
Men’s Lingerie
Plus Size Swimwear
Stockings / Hosiery

Visit CC’s Lingerie boutique for a professional bra fitting experience with sizes up-to 52I.
No appointment needed. We stock an inventory of $500,000 in bras in every size.

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