Question 1) Are wireless bras less supportive than bras with wires?
Answer 1) My best supporting bra, in stock, is a non underwire sports bra…..the wired bras will give you shape and more definition. A wired bra will give the customer a fit under the whole breast and therefore shapes the figure and breast tissue nicer. A Proper fit w/ proper fabrics / lace dictate the support and control.

Question 2) What type of bras should a man wear; underwire or regular bra?
Answer 2) Men usually wear a non underwire as there 1st bra. Men are always in the wrong bra unless they see a specialist. If the man has a foam or silicone breast form, the wire is a better fit w/ the forms. We have a great bra for dressers.

Question 3) What are the best wireless cotton bras?
Answer 3) 100% cotton bras are hard to come by. They are made and we have some. Women are allergic to synthetics, so cotton is important..Cotton is a good choice in warmer climates. My best wireless bra is a post surgery front closure. Also used as a sleeping bra for the cup sizes H, I, J, K, L

Question 4) Which is better: an underwired bra or a non-wired bra?
Answer 4) A non underwire bra compresses the breast tissue. Pushes the tissue out and under the arm area. The underwire bra places a wire correctly under the circumference of each breast. Offers more shapeliness to the figure. The older and or very large breasted customer tend to wear a non underwire.

Question 5) My bra size is a 30G. Where can I buy a wireless bra?

Question 6) What is the difference between a bra and a bralette?
Answer 6) Bralette is a new word for a ¾ length bra. The bra, under the wire, lets say, is 2-3 inches longer with fabric or lace. Not a longline bra length though.

Question 7) Which kind of bra is best for large breasts?
Answer 7) One that fits of course. It can be a wire or non-underwire. The wired bra is not available in all sizes. They stop with the wire bras @ 46 – 48 band sizes. Larger size woman usually know if they want a wire or not.

Question 8) What are the most comfortable bras?
Answer 8) The smaller the band size, the more you will see a wired bra desired. As the band size gets larger, we see the non underwire come into play for comfort.

Question 9) What is a lounge bra? Is it the same as a bralette?

Question 10) Which bra is good, padded or non-padded?
Answer 10) Padded is used loosely by customers. Some want a light pad to cover the nipple so it is not showing or then there is the real padded bra with a built in pad or a pocket which will allow you to place a pad in the pocket. Padded can give you a push up effect in some cases and show the breast tissue above the top of the bras cup.

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What is the difference between 32C and 34B bra sizes?

My 14 year old girlfriend wears D sized bras, is that big?

Is it OK to let bra straps show?

Why does a bra get tighter as the day goes on?

How common is a 38A bra size?

Which type of bra is good for avoiding sagging?

In bra sizes, is 36C bigger than 36D?

Question 42) What is the difference between bra sizes D and CC?
Answer 42) Sizing is not a perfect science with the different manufactures. Some would say a CC can be a D or a CCC could be a D cup size. An example is this; a DD can be and E, a DDD can be an F depending on the manufacturer. European manufactures tend to go w/ D, E, F, G, H CUP SIZES. I have a bra sized at; D,DD,DDD, G THEN H

Question 43) What bra size can I use if 34C is too small?
Answer 43) Too small where? The band or the cup size. Standard would be go to a 36C. When the band size goes up, the circumference of the wire cup area goes up, 1 cup size as well. So a 36C could be to large in the cup if the C fit perfect in the 34 band.

Question 44) Which sports bra should I wear for gym?
Answer 44) A well made controlling garment with firm fabrics. Bounce while wearing it and see if you move. 1 cup size smaller may help to control the tissue.

Question 45) What type of bra should be worn to bed?
Answer 45) A non underwire sleep bra is the best. We have one with front hook and eye.

Question 46) Why is it so uncommon for me to find a 30C bra size?
Answer 46) Because we are in America. Europeans are smaller and you will see smaller bands sizes in Europe.

Question 47) Are sports bras good for M2F people?

Question 48) How to make your own push-up bra?
Answer 48) If you have a good underwire bra, you can buy foam forms and set the forms under the breast and at the bottom of the bra next to the wire.

Question 49) Can you wear a normal bra to the gym?
Answer 49) Yes – any control is better than non. Do not suggest your everyday bra worn at the gym. Find a good non underwire if you cannot find a sports bras.

Question 50) Why do you need sports bra and not a normal bra?
Answer 50) Sports bras compress the breast tissue in front and on the sides. For less movement.

Question 51) How to find bras for a 36A cup size?
Answer 51) Very hard. We have them, but very few customers.

Question 52) What kind of bra is suitable for daily wear?
Answer 52) The one that is a correct fit and you find comfortable. I call the everyday bra, the work horse. Fuller coverage for control and comfortable, so your back does not hurt at the end of the day.

Do you keep your bra on when getting measured?

How long should you wear your bra for?

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