*Sports Bras*

5056 Sports Bra

Style # 5056 : Sports bra by Goddess, Eveden

Availability: In stock
Sizes : 34- 48 DD, DDD/F, G, H, I
Color: White
*Soft cup sports bra
*Full figure construction for the ultimate control in a bra
*Full G cup - fits much larger cup size
*Cotton and nylon
*Best support for larger frame
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Sports Bra by Lunaire

Style # 11111 : Sports Bra by Lunaire – Prettier Bra

Availability: In stock
Sizes: 32-46 DD, DDD
Color: White
Brand: Lunaire
*Sports bra
*100% microselect cups
*100% coolmax lining
*88% cotton and 12% lycra
*Our Coolmax Sports Bra is a rare find for the fuller-bust woman with an active lifestyle or it can be worn as an everyday bra
*A Coolmax microfiber-feel on the outside cup for a smooth feel
*In the inner cup you will find Coolmax cotton which wicks away moisture quickly
*A slightly detached underwire gives you comfort as you move and provides containment to reduce bounce during activity
*Small side pockets can accommodate a prosthesis
*Breakthrough technology gives you fabric that dries 5 times faster than cotton
*Full active support
*Nylon polyester back
*Adjustable straps
*Wide Hook and eye back
*Prettier Bra


Enell Posture Sports Bra

Style #100-10 : Sports Bra – Posture, Back Support

Availability: In stock
Sizes: 32-40 C, D; 32-52 DD; 32-50 DDD, F
Color: White
Brand: Enell
*Sports Bra
*Posture Bra
*Compression style
*Wide rib cage band
*2" non stretch straps
*Double layered fabric for added support
*Criss-cross back for extra back support
*Naturexx fabric that wicks moisture away from the body
*Truely the best plus size sports bra on the market
*Can be worn as outer wear
*Additional sizes available upon request


style 600 sports bra

Style # 600 : Cotton lined Sports Bra by Carnival

Availability: In stock
Sizes : 32-40 B,C,D
Colors: White, Champagne
Brand: Carnival
*Cotton lined sports bra designed for sports-minded women
*Firm support to minimize bounce
*Cups lined with a 100% absorbent cotton


The *sports bra* reduces bounce during any physical activity like athletics. Plus size women wear this bra to reduce pain as a result of extra breast movement during excessive exercise or when playing outdoor sports. A soft cup sport bra offers superior breast support, comfort, and moisture management. It provides freedom of movement, motion control and better fit. To find the bra which fits your size and level of activity (low, medium or high), please view this rib cage, band and cup measuring video from our fitting expert.

Essential tips for a perfect fitting sports bra :

*The bra should be lower in the back than in the front, providing comfort and lift
*The center of the bra should just barely touch the chest wall
*The underwire should never touch the breast. It should frame the breast
*Breasts should fill the cups but not overflow
*Sports bras should secure breasts without flattening them

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