Bra Fitting 101 | Part 1 | Measuring Size

Ok, here we are! Bra fitting 101!! What you do is this – first you need your measuring tape. And you the phone, not to come up – hold on! Ok, bra fitting 101 – take 2!!!

First thing you need is a customer. Secondly, you need is a tape measure for the measuring for the bra. What you need is you ask the customer to smile. Customer smiles. Put your arms up. Ok, you take the tape measure. You wrap it around the customer. Ask her to put the arms down. You measure it tight, tight, ok, on top? It’s a 34. You measure underneath, ok? 34. You measure it across the breast area – the fullest part of the breast. You do that loosely, loosely – ok? You come up with a 40 – ok? 39.5. So, you take the measurements 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You got an A, B, C, D, DD. 39. So, she is a 39-DD. 39-40. Might be confusing, ok. She is actually a 34-DD. You got five – A, B, C, D, DD – 5 inch difference. Ok, you measure these babies. Now, you ask the customer to take her shirt off. She takes her shirt off. And, you will be amazed at how fast that happens.

Then, you offer the customer the bra. Then, you tell the customer – take the bra, put your arms through the straps, breasts in the cup, face the mirror and I will hook the back. This is a fitting process. Now, you adjust the straps so that they fit nicely. Then, you take the back and hook the back, adjust the straps again. Have the customer turn around and face you. As you see, the bra fits perfectly. Ok, fullness, fits underneath nicely, no pooching or no extra tissue here. Women tend to call that the third boob but it’s not the third boob – ok? The adjustment – easy, squeezy. The key is to have the inventory and the stock. Here at we have the inventory and we have the stock. We go up-to a MM, JJ, KK. There is no bra and no size too big for us. Bingo!

An item that young girls and women love today are the seamless that you just saw on her and a sports bra. A good sports bra is wonderful for the women with larger breasts. Take that and put that in front of you. And I will hook the back. Sports bra give you control, keep the muscles and the tissue where they belong. You don’t want the breasts to move extra or too much. Because you are going to stretch the muscles and the breasts itself. So, here you are – this is a sports bra. The women love a good sports bra. Ok, now lean forward and stick your hand in the cup. You tell them to lean forward and wiggle their breasts in the cup. You should do that anyway. That’s like a normal process. Then you ask her to turn around, face me. Look at – Bingo, Zingo! Great fit! Good, solid sports bra. What we want to do – make the cup a little tighter here. So, that you get more control in the front area. Face me! Great sports bra – fits her nicely! Great form! Give us a little bing-bing-bing! See? Look at those babies – they are just nice and firm. Just as they should be. Great for sporting events, walking faster and for going to the shopping mall.

We have additional items too which I sell. For many girls who do not have breast tissue. This is your basic prosthetic – look at that baby! They are just nice! They are really really nice. Aren’t they nice? Ya, they look real! We can put that baby in there. My God! That’s all I need. You can put that baby in there and it will fill that baby up. Great, for DD’s! Look at that what we can have there. Ok, prosthetic breast forms available here. I have the largest prosthetic breast forms made. I have one which is four times this size. Only $900, but I have four times this size. Get it here at!

What you have just seen is a customer who had a 34 inch band. 40 inch across the fullest part of the breast. That’s 5 inches. Rather, she was 39 inches. So, 34 and 39 inches – 5 inches disparity. 5 inches difference across the fullest part of her breast. And, underneath and above was 34 inches. And, then you had a 39-39.5. So, 5 inches difference, where each inch is a cup size. A, B, C, D, DD. She was a 34 inches DD. A, B, C, D, DD – 5 inches DD, if she is a 34. Remember that! – out!!

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