The Inventor of Strapless Bra

Charles L Langs (a.k.a MrBra) invented the first wireless, strapless and backless bras in 1948. His new brassieres, called Poses, were glued together and could even be worn on the beach.  

In the below image, MrBra is shown surrounded by his inventions.

Charles Langs

Illustration: Photograph: Nina Leen/The LIFE Picture Collection


One thought on “The Inventor of Strapless Bra

  1. To bad the design was stolen. My great grandmother invented this in 1942. She went to sell it, and that guy said “we already have the design” and a few weeks later he filed the patent and started selling it.

    It was funny seeing my great grandmothers drawing prototypes and pictures of it all dated to 1946. Apparently she handed them out to friends who went to work in the factory because they were so comfortable.

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