MrBra in Your Mom’s House Podcast

The importance of bras. MrBra tiktok video featured in Your Mom’s House YouTube podcast episode 668. It is hosted by married comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky.

The Inventor of Strapless Bra

Charles L Langs (a.k.a MrBra) invented the first wireless, strapless and backless bras in 1948. His new brassieres, called Poses, were glued together and could even be worn on the beach.   In the below image, MrBra is shown surrounded by his inventions. Illustration: Photograph: Nina Leen/The LIFE Picture Collection Source:

History of Girdles

A girdle is an elastic garment designed to shape and smooth a woman’s figure from the waist to the thighs. Most fashion historians agree that it was invented around 1910 by the French designer Paul Poiret, to be worn with the clothing he was designing. Compared to the fashions of the period 1830-1910, Poiret’s revolutionaryContinue reading “History of Girdles”

History of Corsets

The corset is a close-fitting undergarment and is frequently hooked in front and laced in the back. It can cover from above the bust to below the hips, and garters can be attached. The exact origins of the corset are lost in antiquity, but the ancient Greeks certainly wore a style of corset. Undergarments whichContinue reading “History of Corsets”

History of Bras

Brassiere : A woman’s underbodice worn to support the breasts. A term used in America from 1907. In France this garment is called a Soutien-gorge breast supporter. Years ago, the bra was unknown. In Ancient Rome and Greece, in the third and fourth centuries, women wore simple tunics with no shaping undergarments. This floppy traditionContinue reading “History of Bras”

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