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Importance of Bras – YouTube Episode 668

My point is that you have always emphasized the importance. You have made it. I actually noticed it in a non-sexual way the importance of bras. Oh my gosh! Like every time we are out she has been like this person’s not wearing a supportive bra – look at it. I notice it now. And I think what a lot of women need is like the bra place to go to. Yes! Like you know what I mean. Like you need it. Some of them just don’t know where to go. Absolutely! And then we found them!

Here we are at CC’S Lingerie –! We sell bras! We have every size you can imagine! Seen this guy. Ya! We have all sorts of foundation garments. Ok! We sell bridal bras, lingerie, corsets. You know. Hard to fit bras. You know. Strapless, nursing home, maternity. We sell whatever type bra you could need. Here, at!

It’s also just the kind of person that most women want to buy a bra from! Well, see I found this guy on the Tok. And, I immediately scrolled over. Because I was like pervert, no thanks. Because everybody knows you get fitted by an aggressive Russian lady. Yes. That’s who takes care of your breasts! Not Santa Claus! This is not appropriate.

I love that it looks like a hardware store at first. Yeah! Yeah! But it’s just like he’s standing behind that desk with those wooden shelves. And the camera work is excellent! Excellent! Just leave him for a little bit, artistic, come back, find him! So, so good. It’s really nice.

You have got an O cup! An O cup? Yeah! Holy shit! Negative dude. You need an O cup? Yeah! Dam! I have got it! Yeah, he does! L, M, N, O, P, O! You know. Yeah, but? Look at this – what do I have here? I have got a P cup! Can you believe it? A P cup? A P cup! Who the heck has a P cup?

Yeah, then he is not an expert.! Here, you are! Here is your basic P cup! Holy shit dude! Look at that: Non underwire. Yeah, that doesn’t work. Non underwire. You need a bra? You need to be fit? You need a good bra? You come to! I love it!

And, he’s got. And I love that he has the measuring tape around his neck. Like bring those titties, bring them in! I will fit you. I will fit them! Yeah, I will fit them. And, that I mean from a P cup. I don’t know if that thing is long enough! I don’t know – those are massive! And by the way, a P cup with no underwire! It’s not going to support your mushy purples. It’s going to, it’s just gonna mash them down. Listen, you need titties in order to fit titties.

And it’s nice to be able to see behind the internet. Because if you go to, they are not necessarily, not gonna, you are not gonna know exactly. Look at that screen. That’s what you see. Oh, ok! Yeah, yeah, exactly! So, you have a hole. You have no idea what’s going on behind that screen. Guess what, she is not at the store! You don’t see her at Definitely not You see him when you walk into This fucking dude! Yeah, no not, voluntarily, she is not there. No! She might be in the back! Ha! Ha! Yeah, lovely! What a lovely girl.

Yeah, I don’t trust this guy! Not into this guy! No? Don’t? I would never go to him! I don’t trust him. Yeah! Again, there’s no reason. No underwire and a P cup? It’s crazy! It’s stupid! Yeah! Still it doesn’t make sense! It’s like buying a – what do you guys wear when you play football? A cup, like a soft cup. Yeah, it’s silly. You need a hard cut. There’s no structural integrity. Thank you! So, when do you know like is it no underwire ever ok? For big purples, if you got big cans. I have big cans. The only time I wear underwire is when I am at home with you guys. And like I don’t care. Throw caution to the wind. They flop around. But if you want your tits to look normal, like I wear underwire. Underwire!

The P cup looks like one of those bras you put like on a Nissan Sentra! To protect or save the front of the car! Yeah! Yeah! Why do people put bras on their cars? Just like it’s the inexpensive way to protect that paint. Because that’s where things are going to hit the car. First you know it’s the same as having like plastic on your furniture. Yeah! Yeah! It’s like but what are you protecting? It like when are you gonna? Yeah! What are you gonna do for? Yeah! Live! Yeah! Take the bra off! Enjoy it! Yeah! Let your tits hang! Yeah! Yeah! Don’t cover your front! Do you know when I met Tom, my parents had covered the furniture and put seat covers on their car seats. And so remember I was like oh, I have this new car! I have to put car seats! He is like what? Yeah! He doesn’t! Into this day you don’t let me cover the furniture. And the kids always fuck it up. Yeah! That’s true. Just like you said I just live. Yeah! Just live and then you. I mean you knew when you had kids, they were gonna fuck everything up. They are wild right? They are fun? Yeah! Beyond fun! I am so past that. Now all of them are gone. Even like the high schooler ones at this cool boarding school. Out hippie boarding school. Eddie loves! So yeah, we are empty nesters. So wait, when did they stop being so wild? I guess it depends on the kids right but like I mean yours are hold old right now? 4 and 6. So, yeah, you are at that age and its just like crazy. Just literally like one runs up to me and elbows me. Good morning Mom! The other one just slaps me on the butt. Hey Mom. If I take off my shirt in front of the 4 year old, he is slapping my tits. Hey Mom, like Jesus Christ! They sleep on top of our head. And they just at the rough house with him. They get real rough with me. Kick, punch! Oh yeah! Oh man! Slap! The worst is that laying on the couch. And you are just I am just relaxing on this couch. And then all of a sudden I feel like some body dropped a safe on me. And it’s that they what the dude jumped. And then does knees first. You are invincible. Yeah, and I am like – oh, fuck! He is like – sorry Dad, sorry. I am like it’s the tenth time man. Give my back a break dude!!!

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