Nut Rub Cologne

Girls, this is for the guys! Natural cologne for men that is safe for upstairs, downstairs, everywhere! Scroll below to see a video demo.

You know, when you are out in a bar or at a party and you see a woman, then you get distracted and hot. In this uncomfortable situation, you need a cheezie nut rub! It is for you.

We have it in a concentrated form. Women, keep it within hands reach! Do not open it in public. Guys love cheezie nut rub! Find it here at only!!!

A Girl Friend’s review: They are solid cologne for your nuts. And, what was cool for me from an outsider’s point of view before I go: I am like you know how you, what your experience is? There was a point where we were sitting on the couch and I was like: oh oh my God, he is wearing like a little bit of cologne! I could smell it in the air! You were wearing shorts and you had just gotten out of the shower. And I just thought you maybe spritz to yourself. But the fact that you just put a little bit of this on was like awesome!

I think they can be considered a good thing or a bad thing depending on your outlook. I know a lot of people really don’t like that overpowering scent! And these do have a very powerful scent. I would say the ocean and air scent is a lot less than the other ones. But forests and fields is a very powerful scent. And dirt and dune or drift dune also are like that. I think it was definitely the forests and fields which is the more powerful scent. So, if you don’t mind a long lasting powerful scent, then these are great. But I do know a lot of people who have allergies and other issues with stuff like that. So, these are not great for those people.

Imagine on top of cologne you might wear on a daily basis. It could definitely be too much. But if you are not a big cologne wear. Like I am not a huge cologne wear. For me, this might be kind of perfect because it adds a little bit of extra smells to your overall personality. And an element of surprise! And it seems like a little bit going a long way. Because you have been using it for a while and like it. I mean you have barely dipped into it like this. Nice of some of these and stuff. So its kind of nice that these little guys can let go forever. You could use them for a really long time. Absolutely! Well these are fun! So, from an outside point of view I thought this stuff was really awesome and fun. I loved the smell and I played with the wash a little bit myself. And I kind of liked the feel and you know it was fun! I definitely didn’t get any internally. So, keep that in mind. Like take a look at the ingredients first. But this is like a fun grouping of things. Yeah, a good little package!

So, thank you so much Ballsy for setting this up! So, let me check it out and make Kyle’s nut smell like pine and ocean breeze! She does, she got to go southern for that one! So, apparently, that southern breeze was pretty delicious! It was pretty fun stuff! Anyway, enjoy everybody! Check the video below and we will be back with more very soon! Byeee!!

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Nut Rub Cologne review by a Girl Friend

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