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Amy Andersen – Just picked up two fabulous bras and a waist trainer. The owner is completely professional and very knowledgeable. When you’re looking to buy a bra from a professional you can’t go in there with any inhibitions. For Gods sakes you’re looking for a bra not a pair of shoes! But if you do just know that this man has been doing this for years and he’s good at what he does and very professional. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes paid $60 apiece for my bras, That is an outstanding price, and I look marvelous. I couldn’t be happier! I am so grateful and I definitely recommend going here!!

Lauren Pacimeo – Amazing‼ best experience ill never go anywhere else. They measure you & bring you the perfect fit everytime. In & out in 15 minutes. 60 to 80 for a bra and you can’t find the quality ANYWHERE else. Worth it. 25.00 fitting fee everyone’s whining about goes to the price of the bra.PLUS they are so good ill bet you’re not the size you think you are. The owner is brash but knows his stuff. Lady there as well most times.

Katie Appeldorn – I had a mastectomy and reconstruction. I was a new size on the right and due to an infection lost the implant on my left. I was embarrassed to leave the house. I knew that I needed to find a lingerie store to custom fit me. I am so glad that I went here. They were so helpful. I now have a prosthetic and bras that make me feel normal again… heck even sexy.

Juanita Petersen – Excellent experience and end product with personal service and fitting to boot/bra! Shopping was as easy as finding this store. You can get anything you want, if you know where to shop. This is the place to get a Titsling, or do you call it a Brassiere?. 🎵😉 Now I know my perfect measurements and where I can find plenty of stock. Looking better and feeling better, immediately. Thanks Art! 🙂

Alexis Kaiser – Ultimate bra fitting for the hard to fit at this boutique bra store. Art, the owner, was able to find me the perfect fitting bra with two measurements. He’s been fitting bras since 1969. He really knows his bras. I left with 8 bras, 1 baby doll negligee, and 3 pairs of stockings, and spent over $500. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your sweater or any other top if your bra doesn’t fit right. These bras will last me several years, but I’m glad CC’s ships because I’ll be ordering from them in the future.

Chynna Monet – I was skeptical at first about the 25 dollar fitting fee but it does go toward the purchase of the bra and the young lady wasn’t pushy so I decided to try it out. I was brought different styles to try on and ended up finding a comfortable everyday bra. I did imagine when I found this place that I would be able to find cute styles that go with a low cut dress but unfortunately, in my size, the bras are pretty standard looking with thick straps. this isn’t going to be a Victoria secret for busty women but a place where you can find a comfortable everyday bra in the not so standard sizes. I enjoyed my visit and will return.

Gamer Mire – Yes, today a guy, the owner, and a gal were doing the fittings. The owner, he sees and fits hundreds of gals, so him seeing your breasts is like a gynecologist seeing your breasts, t’ain’t nothing to be excited about. They know their bras and they know how to fit non-model accessories. It took six tries for him to fit my sister-in-law, three for me, and the first one tried fit my Mom perfectly. I haven’t been able to wear a bra since my shoulder lost a muscle due to a sepsis infection. My Mom has had multiple surgeries. And my sister-in-law, well, she’s a 46H. Never once were any of us made to feel fat, or in any way insulted. The sixteen year old who was fitted before us, also had no complaints, only excitement to find bras that fit. If you can fit department store bras, great. If you can’t or your shoulders, breasts, back, and chest hurt after wearing department store bras, give CC’s a try. Your body will thank you.

Debbie Schumacher – No nonsense bras. Huge stock for serious support. You won’t find any Victoria Secrets flashy bras here. All hard to fit and large sizes available. Great for long line or strapless even in plus sizes. Store is owned and run by a mature man, who is no nonsense, all business when he is measuring and assessing your needs. I’ve never had a better fitting bra. A little pricey compared to Target, but well worth it.

Ashley Price – Ive never had a bra that could really fit before Ive always had issues with stores giving me whatever just so they can sale me something. But these ladies were amazing from start to finish. They made sure I left with TWO bras that fit PERFECTLY, I left with my new bra on. I will recommend them to anyone needing the perfect fit or something to feel just really sexy in!

Sundogs Reprise – Went here last summer, desperately needing new bras. I walked inside, and shyly told the lady that my current 32 G bras were much too small, I was bulging out very badly, and that I thought maybe I was a 32 I. Privately, I believed I was probably a J, but I was afraid to ask for too much. She was wonderful! She didn’t question me, or tell me that that was impossible. She didn’t ask for 5 other people to measure me, and she didn’t insist I was wrong and that I had been lied to all my life! She just measured me, and handed me a bra to try. I was shocked at the sympicitiy! I was also shocked at how huge the bra looked. It was a 32 L. It felt super loose in the cups when I tried it on, I thought there was no way this was my size. The problem was that I was accustomed to being squished. I was nearly begging to try a smaller bra, but she kindly insisted that this was the bra for me. She was right! The fit feels perfect, now that I’ve adjusted to not being squished. I only wish they carried swimsuits for women like me. That would’ve made my day, I haven’t owned one since I was sixteen.

Aly Durrett – After going to a big box store the day before and being told I was a size that I knew was not right, I decided to google bra shops in Phoenix to see if I could get a better opinion somewhere else. CC’s came up as the number one result and for good reason! It wasn’t a difficult building to find & has nice signage, but it was a little hard to get into/out of the parking lot so close to Thomas. Any difficulties getting in & out though are far outweighed by how knowledgeable and friendly Beatrice is. She had me measured and in a proper fitting bra, which I wore out of the store, in under 10 minutes before a high five and (finally) tossing my old bra into the trash where it belonged. I was told there was a $25 fitting fee but I didn’t see it on my receipt so I’m guessing it goes towards the purchase price? Either way, got 2 amazingly comfortable bras for ~$120 with tax & 100% will go back the next time I need any lingerie.

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Vee N. – I meant to write a review for this place.  Yes I am male.  I was looking and shopping for a corset for a benefit “drag queen” show that I was asked to do.  Knowing I was going to raise funds for a good cause I decided to the benefit drag show.  Not knowing where to look or shop for a “corset” I  called some places in town and nobody really had sizes available for a 6 ft tall 245 muscular built man.  I was referred to this business by a stage performer.  Not knowing where to go and not knowing what to buy I decided to give it a go.  
I called this place up and asked if he would sell a corset to a male.  He told me that “its money and it spends all the same”.  LOL OMG i knew immediately he was going to make me laugh.
When I arrived the store on the outside looked a bit shady but once i entered i was greeted by the owner and he knew immediately I was the caller who had called him earlier.
He told me there was a fitting fee before he took me to the back to fit me which would be applied to my purchase.
Apprehensive but desperate I took him up on his service and I was not disappointed.
He knew exactly what size I needed and when he brought it out to me i swear i thought it was way too small but he insisted it was the right size and a corset in order to provide what its intended for, especially a drag show, it has to fit form fitting and will be tight but bearable.
I swear he would not get that small corset on my huge man frame BUT amazingly he got it on!! and WOW is all i can say!!  
I swear i had not seen my body look so thin since i was in high school and that was over 30 years ago!! LOL
I felt like a super hero in that corset and was purely amazed.
I read some reviews on here that he may seem crass, but truly he is not, it is just his personality.  
I found him rather funny and entertaining.  At least he is straight up and wont tell you a load of BS!! like some fake business’s.
The price was a bit more than i thought i was gonna pay but I was happy to support his small business and gladly paid extra for his expertise and entertaining comments, but then I am a person who also loves “John Water” films .
So YES! I highly recommend his store for hard to find sizes and if you do not know what you are looking for, because he will surely help you out.

Angela P. (first review) – I’ve been wearing ill-fitting bras for years, and now I will only shop here. Don’t let the location and look of the store deter you if you need a good bra.

After finding them on Yelp and reading such great reviews, I’ve been wanting to come here for probably a year.

My shopping experience was SO EASY, the expertise and professionalism was remarkable. I allowed myself an hour and was done in 10 minutes.  I will be back and send friends!

Angela P. (second review) – Take my word for it and don’t judge a book by its cover – the outside of the building and neighborhood are not much to look at. But I could not be happier with my experience – it was so easy! I had forgotten how absolutely amazing this place is. The bras that I had purchased here a couple of years ago were so good that I wore them out. Out of convenience I went elsewhere and ended up with a cheap bra to tide me over. Life got busy and I wore ill-fitting bras for far too long. I’m so happy I went back here. The staff is knowledgable, the prices are reasonable and the service is efficient. I highly recommend CCs!

Richard H. – I just left with 3 bras. My friend told me to go to Ccs. They stock all of the hard to fit sizes like i wear. I have been trying to find a store like this for years. Shopping for bras has always been difficult for me. The clerk was spot on. I also tried a sports bra which fit perfect. Back support and control. I will be back. Love this place and their selection.

Shannon K. – Where do I begin?

I had my first bra fitting today and it was amazing!!  I have finally found the perfect fitting bra!!  For years I have wasted so much money on bras that never quite lived up to my expectations.  I have two drawers full of bras that I never wear but one ‘go to’ bra that is the most worn.  The ladies that work here know their stuff!  I feel like my posture is better and I look SO much better in all my clothes!!  Never again will I order from adore me or some website like that.  You ladies rock!!

Gemma G. – Ok. Seriously! The most PAINLESS bra shopping experience EVER!!

Beatrice is a doll, and makes you feel completely at ease the moment you walk in. I’m back in my car to leave in less than 15 minutes with 4 new perfectly fitting bras (2 bras, each in nude & black).

She never made me feel rushed or pressured, just listened to what I need and brought it over to try on.

The new bra felt so great, she just cut the tags off and I dropped my old tattered bra in their GARBAGE! (The only other use I could think of would be as a dog pull toy, but that seemed like recycling gone too far, even for me!)

I feel like a new woman going off to new adventures with happy girls leading the way!!

Tracee A. – I’d been putting it off for months. I needed a new bra, a bra that fit properly. My friend had told me about CC’s, insisting that I go there and so finally, on Saturday afternoon, I told my husband “I’m going to the bra store.” I was going to a party that night and I did not want to be squirming and adjusting all evening.
When I arrived the young lady was checking out another client so I wandered around the store, checking out the fancy lingerie. The transaction was taking a bit and the store is quite small so I was trying to not be too awkward. Finally it was my turn. The young lady asked me a few questions, took some measurements and returned with a nude colored specimen. She helped me get strapped in, made some adjustments and showed me how to bend over and wiggle those girls in. Boom. Done. New bra that fits great and also has me feeling a bit perkier.  
My entire transaction was so quick and painless, I couldn’t believe I’d put it off for so long! I got home with my purchases and my husband said “I thought you were going to the store”. He too was surprised such a transaction could be done so quickly (however, he knows this will never be true when it comes to buying shoes.)

Debbie S. – This is the go-to place. Mr. Bra knows his inventory and how to get you the perfect fit. He is no nonsense. Although he is “in your space”, it is all professional and handled quickly. A little on the pricey side, but well worth it. Having been “blessed” since I was 13, I have never in 40 years had a better fitting bra. I won’t be buying my bras anywhere else. I stopped in to pick up a strapless for my daughter’s wedding. I have never had a strapless bra that fit so well. The girls stayed in place and I didn’t feel like they were going to fall out, or that the long line was going to roll up on me.

S K. – Very professional! I was recommended here when I brought my wedding dress. They had my wedding corset and more. I recommend C C’s Lingerie & Bras if you are looking for hard to find bra sizes and lingerie….I went in and walked out with what I needed…no waiting or shipping. Great Place! I will be back!

Jennifer R. – I absolutely LOVE this place! I’ve been going to C C’s for several years. Unfortunately, I made the horrible decision to go to a big name store to buy a bra. Worst decision ever! The bra turned out not to be my size and it’s now sitting in the top of my closet. My bras from C C’s are always true to size and fit perfectly. I just went 3 days ago and the whole shopping experience took only 15 minutes! That’s how good they are!! Shop here… You won’t be disappointed!

Cristin K. – Great place. I wear a hard size to find bra and have a lot of skin allergies which makes it almost impossible to find a bra to meet my needs. The staff was very helpful and found me a great bra. Parking is not the best and not in a great location. But you can’t beat the selection and price.

Audrey E. – Just found out about this hidden gem! Very professional very knowledgeable. Supportive lingerie for ALL SIZES, However the BIG girls has a spot too!!!! My purchase is PERFECT will definitely be a frequent customer of CC’s. Best fitting I’ve ever had!

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Cassandra R. – I absolutely LOVED my experience at CC’s! I found this shop through Google search and read so many mixed reviews. I was a little reluctant to try this shop because of the amount of bad reviews and the fact that its a very personal fitting with a man. (I’m very shy) But I was running out of time as my wedding is in two weeks. So we drove the four drive to Phoenix and tried a couple of other stores in hopes of finding something suitable, with ZERO success. We went to CC’s, and the owner Art took us (me, my mother and sister) into the back dressing/fitting area and he set me up with EXACTLY what I needed! I only tried on three garments and I purchased two! I bought a long line bra and a girdle and they were SO COMFORTABLE, I was amazed! I was slimmed and was able to breathe, move, and sit with NO problems; quite the experience. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. We were so pleased that my sister ended up buying two bras and a girdle with him as well. (She is a 46G and a very difficult shape to fit, Art had NO problem finding her perfect size) He was very touchy feeling during the fitting process, but even with my shyness I didn’t not feel uncomfortable with him at all. He is VERY professional. I am so excited about my experience there I will be recommending him to every woman who has difficulties with size and support. Art is truly amazing. Please give CC’s a chance, you WILL NOT regret it!

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