Bra Fitting 101 | Part 6 | Mastectomy Bra

Welcome to Bra Fitting 101, Part 6. Welcome back! This is a prosthetic post surgery bra fitting demonstration and video. I am going to show you the proper fit for a prosthetic bra. Again, we are going to go through the fitting process. You have seen this before. But we will go through it again.

Arms up. I want this up here. This goes for every bra. Tight! Tight! Here we have a 36. Underneath, we have a 32. Again, disparity here. We tend to go to the higher or broader part – which would be the 36. Then, we go across the nipple area for the fullest part. Here, we have a breast disparity. One breast is smaller than the other. Every girl’s breast – usually, one is smaller than the other. In this case, we have a – let’s say, a size to two sizes smaller. Some women have double mastectomies, where, all the tissue is removed. You wear this bra for that purpose as well. Across the nipple area or the fullest part. Here we have a 39.5. 36 above. 39.5-40 that’s 4 inches. A, B, C, D – we have a D. 36 D. This is what she is wearing – a 36 D. We are going to make it fuller here with a breast form. So that she has uniformity when she has her tops on. Here I have a breast form. It’s a silicone form. You have the option of a foam or a silicone. This is a silicone form which we are going to place in the bra so that we have uniformity. Here, we have a prosthetic bra. The prosthetic bras are very-very nice bras. They have a pocket. They have a pocket for the foam form or silicone form to be placed into so that it fills the breast area. Or, makes it look like a tissue. Here we have taken that breast form that I have just shown you and placed it in the bra. Look at the uniformity! Very nice now. You can’t tell that there was a disparity. It is perfect now! Great bra! Great fit! Great look right now! Turn to the side and you will see. Before we had a disparity – the projection was less or down. Now, we have a perfect view from the side – perfect disparity. Turn. Perfect disparity? I meant perfect fit, perfect look. Beautiful – she is so happy with this bra. You have wide straps. Again – remember – my wide straps? I love wide straps. Great support. The bra is going to last longer. Give you support. It’s not going to hurt here – under here or at the shoulders. We have a great look here: look at the wide back. Awesome! Good support. Great control. Now, down here – she is going to look good and feel good.

We have foam forms as well. This is a foam. Light weight form. Some women use this right after surgery. We place it in the bra. Because you are so sensitive. You don’t want that wait issue. This is a foam form – light weight. Can be hand washed, cleaned. Great little foam form. Great product! Women use this if they had a mastectomy for their swimwear.

The silicone forms come is many many different sizes. This was a size 4. We have larger sizes and smaller sizes. Whatever the girl or the woman needs at the time. Remember this? This is a beauty! Isn’t that a beauty? Feel it! Feel it! She love this baby! Look at this! Put that baby there and all the boys will be chasing her. Look at that! Again, we have all the sizes. All kidding aside! A great silicone form. All sizes are available here. At Here we are. Don’t forget. Breast forms. Foam or Silicone. Breast forms – foam or silicone – here at Post surgery bras. Here at Prosthetic Bras. This is a Prosthetic Bra. Very, very important. We fit the girls with any malfunctions of the breast. We have the radical surgery which removes all the breast. Partial surgery – you still can use a form or a pad which will fill the cup up beautifully and perfectly. It will make you look absolutely perfect. We have the forms here. We have the bras here. At You have your Prosthetic Bras over there. We have it here. Thank you for coming. Thanks for coming. Thanks for listening and viewing this video. Wait for my next video. Hope to see you then. Bye, for now!

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