The Art of Bra Fitting: A Comprehensive Guide

How to find a well-fitted bra?

Breast Form FAQ

What is a breast form? The breast form is made to fit the body frame of the user, a possible cancer patient. Crossdressers are a large market for these forms as well. This gives a real look and feel with a realistic movement. Breast forms are sold in silicone and foam. Whenever possible, I always buy the largest silicone forms available. What do crossdressers use to “fill” bra cups?Continue reading “Breast Form FAQ”

Which type of bra is good?

Each person / body has their own issues or needs. Most woman have one breast larger than the other. First thing is, fit the larger of the two  breasts always…If you are symmetrical, fitting is easier. Not all styles are made for every body frame. this is why we have different styles and types of bras.Continue reading “Which type of bra is good?”

Bra Fitting 101 | Part 5 | Nursing Bra

Bra Fitting 101 – Part 5. Breast feeding nursing bras. Breast feeding and the related. Thanks for coming. Nursing bras. Breast feeding. A nursing bra is a very important bra for the woman while she is nursing. Or, when the breast is engorged. We are going to size a nursing bra today. Watch what IContinue reading “Bra Fitting 101 | Part 5 | Nursing Bra”

Bra Fitting 101 | Part 6 | Mastectomy Bra

Welcome to Bra Fitting 101, Part 6. Welcome back! This is a prosthetic post surgery bra fitting demonstration and video. I am going to show you the proper fit for a prosthetic bra. Again, we are going to go through the fitting process. You have seen this before. But we will go through it again.Continue reading “Bra Fitting 101 | Part 6 | Mastectomy Bra”

Bra Fitting 101 | Part 9 | Crossdressing is going to do a crossdressing video for you. Welcome! Irving Berlin. This is an army – Mr. Jones – formed by men, dressed as women. This was your crossdressing back in World War 2. Crossdressing refers to the act of wearing clothing (and other accondiments) commonly associated with the opposite sex, within aContinue reading “Bra Fitting 101 | Part 9 | Crossdressing”

Bra Fitting 101 | Part 8 | Misfit Bra

Bra fitting 101 – Part 8! Are you ready for this? I am back!! How to fit a bra? Part 8. Show it to me here. At, your X size, full size, hard to fit bra resource. Here we are focusing on a misfit. As you see the breast tissue is coming out ofContinue reading “Bra Fitting 101 | Part 8 | Misfit Bra”

Bra Fitting 101 | Part 1 | Measuring Size

Ok, here we are! Bra fitting 101!! What you do is this – first you need your measuring tape. And you the phone, not to come up – hold on! Ok, bra fitting 101 – take 2!!! First thing you need is a customer. Secondly, you need is a tape measure for the measuring forContinue reading “Bra Fitting 101 | Part 1 | Measuring Size”

Bra Fitting 101 | Part 4 | Correct Bra

Measuring for a Plunge Bra Crucial to wear a correct bra. Breast tissue is so very important. Fitting a girl as soon as she develops large tissue is critical. I have fitted young girls. Its so crucial to get them in the correct bra immediately, once the breast tissue starts to grow. First step is:Continue reading “Bra Fitting 101 | Part 4 | Correct Bra”

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