Which type of bra is good?

Each person / body has their own issues or needs. Most woman have one breast larger than the other. First thing is, fit the larger of the two  breasts always…If you are symmetrical, fitting is easier. Not all styles are made for every body frame. this is why we have different styles and types of bras. The B or C cup customers is always a easier fit. Unless you are a larger band size. The larger the breast, the greater need for a well constructed foundation garment or bra.

Types of Bras

There are very few specialists in the larger size / harder to fit bra area. A dying art. An underwire bra will give more definition, non underwire may give more comfort, but with that,the breasts are pushed together with a non wire.. You can have a good fit, with or without a wire. A professional fitter will know what is best.

Specialty stores are your best bet for a good fit and a professional fit. Large cities will have a specialty BRA / foundation store…We at MrBra.com have fitted foundation garments for over 45 years. No size is too big or too small. Fitting is an art and most cannot do it correctly. Experience and the product is essential. If you have to special order, you are in the wrong store. A good bra shop will have the inventory / product in stock, as we do.

Fittingly yours; MrBra.com

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