Plus Size Pantie challenge

The larger frame has had an issue with finding a good pantie for years. With the industry moving to China, we fit a lack of U S companies competing for that market share. The quantities from over seas have a minimum cut per style and size. These quantities can be very large and difficult for a small retailer to afford to buy.

When we had the U S manufacturing panties, the purchases were easier to make for the retailer. For many years I was able to buy sizes up to a 15. they sold very well. Then I found a U S manufacturer who would make panties up to a size 20. I sold quite a few of them annually. Again, he could not survive and compete with the imports. The U S worker wants $15.00 and hour now. We find in other countries they are paying $3.00 an hour. Labor costs are killing the U S manufacturer. Impossible to compete and make a profit.

We do find the market in the U S to have panties to a 5X. They tend to be a fancy pantie. Customers want a basic brief, nylon or cotton. I still have some size 18’s in stock, but the real void is in the size 20 or larger. This customer is looking and searching for that product. I could sell 50 dozen in a couple of months. The standard and quality of an American made pantie is better and cut correctly.

I have tried to have panties made by other countries. The quality is not there. I have a problem selling a poorer quality item. Customers revolt. I want a pantie that will last. The super size pantie customer is a lost and forgotten customer in the pantie business. Panties made in the Xl, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL are mostly ok, but the lager girl cannot fit in them. IF I was younger, I would go to another country and have them made to my specifications. The consumer would love it.

Plus Size Panty

C. Arthur

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