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We are finding that the customers are coming back for their correct fit. As expected, a bra customer that wants the correct bra and fit will always remember where she purchased that good bra. A professional bra shop will offer this, If they know their business. 45 years of experience cannot be purchased. Even the manufacturers hold the old bra shop masters in high esteem. They are the real bread and butter of the industry. A dying breed to be sure.

If I were you, I would latch onto that bra shop or us and hold it tight. My old customers are very concerned about the old traditional bra shop of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. We are still here, but others are closing very fast. Department stores do not do it!  My customers are smiling and grateful  see me. Selling good bras means you do not see a customer for a year or two. You must be experienced and have quality to last that duration between purchases. CALL – MrBra.com @ 602-954-9400

CC'S Lingerie
CC’s Lingerie store
CC'S Lingerie
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CC's Lingerie Staff
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Bra Fitting
CC’s Lingerie customer – Bra Fitting

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