Bra Fitting 101 | Part 5 | Nursing Bra

Bra Fitting 101 – Part 5. Breast feeding nursing bras. Breast feeding and the related. Thanks for coming. Nursing bras. Breast feeding.

A nursing bra is a very important bra for the woman while she is nursing. Or, when the breast is engorged. We are going to size a nursing bra today. Watch what I do. Listen to what I have to say. We are going to do the measurements for a bra right now. You have seen the prior videos. We are just going through the process again.

Nursing bra is a little bit different. Let’s go forward. Here you go. Here is the measuring again. You measure tight up here. Here we get a 33 or a 34. 33.5. Underneath, we have a 30. This is not a normal easy fit. Because we have such a small 30 down there. But we have a close to 34 up here. So, actually, a bra can’t be between a 32 and a 34. So, you have a 34 and 30 underneath. We are going to go across the nipple area, the fullest part of the breast. You have a 38.5 and 39 inches. So, what I am going to put her in is a 32. This bra happens to be a 32 F. We have a 6-6.5 inch disparity. We have 32. We have 6 inch disparity. Each letter or cup or inch is a size. A, B, C, D, DD, F. 6 inches, DD or F.

We have a nursing bra. This happens to be a cotton nursing bra. I love cotton nursing bras. I will tell you why later. Here we have a 32 G. Each manufacturer is different. The sizing is going to be different. I love cotton. It’s more absorbent. It breathes. You will have less chance of infection with a cotton bra. You have less problems with a cotton bra. You will have less chance of getting mustiness with a cotton bra. Cotton bra – I love cotton bras!

This happens to fit her nice. Again, she is very small here. She is a 34 up here. With the cotton bra you have your adjustments. Look at this wide back. Great! If you have large breasts, you want a wide back. We have 3 hooks here – great bra! Nice wide straps. Gives her great support. Support is very very crucial, when you have a bra. Specially, when you are nursing. Your breasts are large, they are engorged, they are uncomfortable. You have to have a good support.

Here, with nursing bras, we have adjustments. Obviously, nursing bra flips forward – to expose the nipple for the baby. Here we have three adjustments – 1, 2, 3 – for the feeding procedure. It comes down. Excuse me! Let’s put that back up! You have the three adjustments: up and down, up and down – for the feeding of the child. After the birth of the child, it’s recommended that you feed the baby within an hour. That’s an hour from the point after you deliver. If the physician allows you to do it or not, it’s suggested that you feed the child within an hour.

Feeding the child. Breast feeding your new born. The rule of thumb is: 8-12 times a day. It varies from time-to-time. The child is going to tell you when the child is hungry. And also, frequent feedings are very-very important. Sore nipples happen. Within the initial week, your nipples may be sore for 30 to 60 seconds (while the baby is sucking on this nipple). It’s normal for the first week. There is going to be discomfort – girls. If there is discomfort after a week, consult your physician. You shouldn’t be sore after a week. I am not a doctor, I am not a physician. So, consult your physician. These are just tips along the way. You will find on a link with a directory to the hospital. It will have medical information for you to read.

Back to the fit of the bra. Great fit! Look at that fit! She happens to have larger breasts. That’s what features. Larger breast garments. You can go to almost anywhere to find an average size bra. We have the average size also but we key in on the hard to fit full figure full busted girl. They are a lost customer and we take care of that customer. Look at this bra. Look at the fit! We have a G customer here. G in a nursing bra – impossible to find! Nursing bras here to a 50 J. We have nursing bras up-to a 50 J. Look at that fit! A great fit!! Non-underwire. I love non-underwire bras. The reason. You have underwire and non-underwire. Your non-underwire is going to be more comfortable all the time and all through the pregnancy. When your breast becomes larger. With a wire, you have the wire poking. Your breast is getting larger-then-smaller. So, the wire can poke your breast. And, make it very-very uncomfortable for you. If you are uncomfortable, the baby is going to be uncomfortable.

Sleeping bras. Never thought about that! The larger breasted girl, especially when she is pregnant, is uncomfortable. After having a baby, she is uncomfortable. With the large breast or with the engorged breast, a sleeping bra gives her light control. She slips or the breast moves from side-to-side at night. Its uncomfortable. A good sleeping bra assists and controls the breasts while she is moving in bed. It also is very-very easy to take this bra, undo it and feed the baby. Because it’s a very soft bra. It’s a very flexible, easy bra. Here you have 7 hooks in front. She can unhook 4 of these, flip the breast down and feed the baby with this bra at night. A great bra!

Supporting the larger breasts is very-very important. During the breast feeding process, make sure the baby is sucking the nipple and around the areola. The areola is the brown area around the nipple. Place the mother’s nipple all the way in baby’s mouth, with the nipple facing up. And, have the baby sucking the areola area – the brown area behind or around the nipple.

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