Bra Fitting 101 | Part 9 | Crossdressing is going to do a crossdressing video for you. Welcome!

Irving Berlin. This is an army – Mr. Jones – formed by men, dressed as women. This was your crossdressing back in World War 2. Crossdressing refers to the act of wearing clothing (and other accondiments) commonly associated with the opposite sex, within a particular society. Crossdressing has been used for the purpose of disguise, comfort and a literary truth, in the modern times and throughout history.

We find today more and more individuals are crossdressing – as an individual or with the consent of their spouse. This is not unusual. It does not mean that they like the same sex or that they are gay. It’s just a lifestyle that they have.

Crossdressers come to see me on a constant basis. 25% of my business is crossdressing. We make the crossdresser feel comfortable. When they come in, we just have them come in to the dressing room. And, I ask them as I have asked before. As you have seen in my other videos, you measure them across the chest area – for the bra. Here we have a 42. 42 is what I would put on him and that would be comfortable. Crossdressers tend to wear a bra too small. They think it has to be tight. It doesn’t have to be tremendously tight. If you get the right bra, the correct bra, a comfortable bra and a well made bra, 42 is going to fit him perfectly. Then, we decide what size form he wants. Each individual likes their own size, wants their own definition. Each individual that comes in has their own idea and their own concept of how large of a cup or breast they would want to see on themselves. This individual here likes the G cup. He likes the fuller cup. It accentuates his frame, his body, he looks great in it. Ooh, La, La! Bingo, Zingo!

One of the top selling items I have for crossdressers is a waist cincher. Every crossdresser has to have a waist cincher. As you see here – look at the waist. It gives him an excellent waist and brings his tummy in. They love that tummy in! Great, this is it! Ooh, La, La! Bingo, Zingo! Look at those babies go!

Another key garment for the cross dresser is the butt and hip pad garment. Its a control garment which also gives them additional hips and an additional butt. It accentuates their butt. Lot of guts don’t have butt, so this helps with the butt. Here you see the stockings and here we have the beginning of the outfit.

Here we have Lexi. Here is Lexi in her pan-am outfit. Doesn’t she look great? Fantastic – here is your complete package. You got the breast forms, the bra, the padded butt, the heels, the stockings. loves this! Ooh, La, La! Bingo, Zingo! I never travel anywhere without my emergency kit. Wow!

Crossdresser needed a bra for this body form. As usual, we fit him perfectly…

Crossdresser Bra Fitting
Crossdresser Lingerie
Silicone Masquerade Mask Tiger
Silicone Female Mask Realistic

“Gangnam Style” Bra Fitting of a Crossdresser

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