Bra Fitting 101 | Part 8 | Misfit Bra

Bra fitting 101 – Part 8! Are you ready for this? I am back!! How to fit a bra? Part 8. Show it to me here. At, your X size, full size, hard to fit bra resource.

Here we are focusing on a misfit. As you see the breast tissue is coming out of the top of the bra. So many women feel this is what they want and this is a proper fit. This is not a proper fit. It is not healthy. It should not be this way. It should not look this way.

Hello! We have a model here. Ok, what we are going to do in this video. Again, you have been here before. We are measuring the customer for her bra. When you measure the customer, again – you measure the top area, you measure the bottom area, and you measure across the fullest part of the breast which is the nipple area. You will see when I measure. First, you will need a measuring tape. You ask the expert or you do this at home, ok? And, you measure. What we have here is 38 inches up on top. Then, you measure below. And, measuring below I have a 37 inches down here. 37 – 38, you take the higher of the two numbers which is 38. Then, we measure across the fullest part of the breast. And, i get a 46 inches. So, that’s 8 inches difference we would be. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. So, she would be a G or a H. Every manufacturer is different. Basically, you are going to be in G or G+ fit. Very nice bra since its not pooching here. We have a 1 inch strap. Great bra! Underwire. Fits great. Fits very nicely, covers the breast here. It comes up high here for support. Excellent bra.

Seamless bras. We have talked about this before. Every young girl wants a seamless bra. Seamless bras bring smiles to the girls’ faces. Because its smooth. She can wear some nice tops and its hugging her. Look at how beautiful this is. This happens to be a very very nice bra. Its a molded cup. It’s a molded seamless. It gives great support. It’s a pretty bra. Which provides a wired cleavage there. You got a wire underneath here. Fits very very well. Again, we are a 38-GG on this one. Great bra. Turn. Here you have a 3-hook back. Good, solid, 1 inch strap adjustable. Great, seamless bra. The girls love this bra. Every girl wants a seamless bra.

Here we have another beautiful bra. It’s called a chest nut because it’s a chest nut color. This is a seamless comfortable bra. It has a breathable fabric which is absolutely wonderful. And, it is fantastic. It gives you a fantastic fit. Here you have a seamless where the fabric stretches to the breast. It makes the girl feel so good. And, look at this excess on the side – this lace, absolutely beautiful. Its fabulous, its my favorite bra.

Women come to me constantly, on a daily basis. They come with a misfit. They misfit themselves. They go to a store. They go to an operation and they don’t realize they can’t have the proper fit or a large cup for them so that the breast fits in the cup correctly. Misfit – I see this all the time. How upsetting! Here you have the misfit – you have the tissue out of the top of the bra. Very unattractive – some women call this the third boob. They do not want the third boob. You come to me and I will take care of this. I will not allow you to walk the streets with a misfit or an unattractive bra. Come to He will accommodate you and fit you correctly.

Front Bra. It just shows off – everything gives it a bit of the cleavage. Great bra! Call me MrBra! Call me Mr. Plunge Bra! At Great plunge bra, great cleavage. Look at how deep this plunge is. Super hard to find for the larger breasted women but we have it here at We have a great fit and plunge. We have a 1 inch strap here – good support. Look at the side view – absolutely beautiful. We have a seamless here. With this you have your adjustment straps. You also have adjustments here – 1, 2, 3. You can go in, you can go out. You can do a criss-cross back with this bra. You can do a halter top with this bra. This bra is absolutely beautiful. The girls love it. Don’t you agree? Yes! Call me MrBra! I want it now – MrBra!

Part 8 – Bra Fitting 101 showed a misfit bra. Women come in all the time. And, I work with girls all the time. And, they misfit themselves. Our job is to make everything right, make the girl look good, as good as she possibly can. We do that at MrBra. Thank you very much for watching the video. Let’s not forget I have girdles. Girdles up-to 15X. Size 60 inches. These girdles are great. I also have what no body else has thigh-highs. Thigh-highs which go up to a size 4X. They will fit a 500 pound frame.

Thank you for coming. I appreciate you coming. Come back for my next video.

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