Breast Form FAQ

What is a breast form? The breast form is made to fit the body frame of the user, a possible cancer patient. Crossdressers are a large market for these forms as well. This gives a real look and feel with a realistic movement. Breast forms are sold in silicone and foam. Whenever possible, I always buy the largest silicone forms available. What do crossdressers use to “fill” bra cups?Continue reading “Breast Form FAQ”

Face Mask from an Old Bra

Things you will need to make the Face Mask A bra Scissors Needle Thread Steps to follow to make the Face Mask Cut the bra from the center Cut the sides Cut the straps Divide a strap in two parts Stitch the straps on both sides forming a loop Your DIY Face Mask is readyContinue reading “Face Mask from an Old Bra”

Health Guide to Breast Care

Breast Care for PLUS SIZE Women Know Breast Cancer’s Warning Signals CRUCIAL FACT : Self exam monthly – 7 to 10 days after your period begins After menopause, always on the first day of each month LYING DOWN Fig.1 Gently squeeze the nipple of each breast. Check for any discharge, clear or bloody. Report anyContinue reading “Health Guide to Breast Care”

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