Breast Form FAQ

What is a breast form?

The breast form is made to fit the body frame of the user, a possible cancer patient. Crossdressers are a large market for these forms as well. This gives a real look and feel with a realistic movement. Breast forms are sold in silicone and foam. Whenever possible, I always buy the largest silicone forms available.

What do crossdressers use to “fill” bra cups?

More conservative crossdressers like Miss Joanne Fitzpatrick use very basic breast forms to “fill” bra cups. She is  6’1 and 255 lbs. Her photograph is shown below.

Crossdresser: Miss Joanne

What are the different types of breast forms?

 If we are talking about silicone breast forms, they are made in many different shapes. The standard shapes are triangle or a tear drop shape.

Breast forms come in what sizes?

Breast forms come in a number of  sizes. Some are small, medium or large. These are the less expensive. Normal sizes are 2 to 16 or larger. The number of grams per pair dictate the size. If desired, there are some that adhere directly to the body· Silicone forms may have or may not have a nipple. Nipples are sold separately if asked for.

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