Bra Fitting 101 | Part 4 | Correct Bra

Measuring for a Plunge Bra

Crucial to wear a correct bra. Breast tissue is so very important. Fitting a girl as soon as she develops large tissue is critical. I have fitted young girls. Its so crucial to get them in the correct bra immediately, once the breast tissue starts to grow. First step is: you need a measuring tape. The proper way to measure is:

1) Have a measuring tape.
2) Take the tape and measure the top tightly while the girl’s arms are down. Here we have a 34 – always tight.
3) Then you measure the fullest part of the breast. You measure across the nipple or tissue area loosely. So, here we have a 39.5 or 40.
4) That’s 6″ (34 + 6). Each inch is a cup size. That simple – 6 A, B, C, D, DD, DDD. So, 6″ is a DDD. She is a 34 DDD. It can be an F.
5) Each manufacturer plays their own game with the letters and numbers. So, she can’t be an F. It’s crucial that we go one inch to a size.
6) We could have a 44 with a 6″ disparity. So, that would be the same. She would be a 44 F. There could be a 48 and there could be a 6 inches disparity. It’s still a 48 F. A, B, C, D, DD, DDD or F.

Here we have a deep Plunge Bra. You can’t believe how hard it is to find this bra when you are above a D cup. They are always way up here choking the girl. Young girls want to look good. That’s just part of the game. Bingo-Zingo! We have a deep plunge here – very-very nice fit. This bra happens to be from Europe. Europeans know what they are doing as far as sexy bra goes. Here we have a Plunge bra specially when it comes to larger cups.

We have a plunge bra with great straps. Its Friday night. You want the blouse. You are looking at the blouse. It’s a deep front blouse. You get the cleavage. I sell bar tenders this bra. Show them this bra? You are serving the drinks. There are $2-$3 bucks right there. Turn around now. Great fit. Nice straps, ok? Beautiful bra! You want a snug here. Each girl wants their bra tighter but some want them looser. It’s a game for the girls. You just have to do what the girl wants or what you feel most comfortable with.

This is a nice fit. You want it straight across the back. If you have the wrong cup – let’s say the cup is too small, then the breast pushes the cup forward which brings the straps down. What happens next is the bra strap in the back crawls up the girl’s back. That’s why the girl is wearing the wrong bra.

Seamless bras. Every girl wants a nice seamless bra. Seamless bras are very very important today. You wear your knit tops, your t-shirts, your think sweaters, then seamless bras give you a great form. Seamless will also minimize – bring down the projection for the fuller busted girl. Lots of girls don’t want that projection. They think all the boys are looking at their breasts. So, they want the projection reduced. So, the seamless bra reduces the projection and gives them a nice fuller rounder look. Look at that – nice perfect fit! Another bra that comes down low. Not super low but low enough where you show a little bit of cleavage. Women buy these tops where they have to struggle. But here customer says: ‘V-neck t shirts will be perfect for this’. Here we are again – the proper cup. So important for the full figure girl. You get all the tissue in the cup, so that the tissue isn’t pushing the cup out, the straps are nice and not being pushed forward. And, if you are not pushing the cup forward, the back is going to be nice and straight and across. So, nice fit. Beautiful, great seamless.

The bra industry is very unusual and unique industry. Do you know what people? There is no recession or depression in the bra market. The business is always there. When was the last time you saw a woman walk without a bra? The bra industry is always there and always steady.

Fitting a bra is an art. It has taken me years to learn how to fit a bra. Its not an easy task. Here you have another seamless. Great seamless. This bra has an underwire. Its a stretched lace which is wonderful and super nice bra. Look at the smoothness and fullness – it’s just beautiful. Do you have this bra? I personally own this bra. You love this bra? I love it! You don’t feel like you are wearing a bra!! It’s just great!!! Again great bra – straight across the back but little wider her. The wider the back, the more support you are going to have in the front. The wider the back, the more back support you are going to get, so better for your back. Larger breast women have back problems. Sounds unusual. Every time they are walking, their tissue is bouncing. After a while, it works on the back. Chiropractors dreams larger breasted women. What do the chiropractors do? They send the big busted women to – for my posture and post surgery bras. Great seamless number, she lover this bra! I love it!

The Europeans know how to make a bra. The larger breasted girl has a hard time finding a pretty bra. You want a pretty bra. Here at we have a beautiful bra. What is it? Oh, its Ooo Laa Laa! Bingo! Zingo! Look at this – beautiful lace bra. Lace is expensive but its very-very attractive. Super hard to find. Look at this – fits your breast nicely, the tissue, the cup. It’s also an underwire, gives a great shape. Look at that lace down here. Three hooks in the back. Again, its giving you great support – nice and firm.

Fitting the bra – tape measure. We are going through this process again because you forgot earlier. We go up here – arms down. We always smile while we are fitting you. Here, we have a 34 up here at the top. You do the top tight. Now, across the nipple area or the fullest part of the breast. And, then you do measurement down below. Here, you have a 39.5. So, you have a 39.5-40. That’s a 6 inch disparity. What did I tell you earlier? Each inch is a cup size. So, you have a 34 at top, 44 across the nipple area. And, then the 6 inches – A, B, C, D, DD, DDD – remember that girls. Again, bridal – mother of the bride. Bridesmaid – great bras. Strapless bras – 40% of business. Great – you never ever find a bra like this. Look at the waist on this. Great support – for a DDD, F customer this bra is awesome. What makes it even better is: it’s seamless girls! Look at this – bam! Isn’t that beautiful? Super!! What do you think? I like it! I feel sexy! I like this seamless bra!! Again – this is it – with your dress. Arms down. Look at that waist. Bingo! When you have your dress high, this is a killer bra and a beautiful garment!

Call me MrBra! Call me MrBra!

Ok, here we have padded panties. Believe me it’s a very desirable garment. I sell quite a few of these padded panties. Lot of girls out there don’t have a butt. It’s amazing to me but I sell quite a few of these. Padded panties here – We are the old corset shop from Madison Avenue. Remember that? I deal in foundations, corsets, girdles, bras – the old school stuff. Ok? Great, great garter belt! Ok? Old school! Great lace, stretched, excellent elastic. The metal grips. Did you hear what I just said? Metal grips! These last for ever. My best customer is the older women who can’t wear panty hose. They come in for these garters because they are the best garter belt you can buy. The metal grips.

Plunge front bra. This bra is impossible to find. Impossible with a capital I. Ok? Plunge front – great bra and hard to find and hard to get. We have it for you. Look at that beautiful bra! Ok? Great! You know what? It’s also a convertible. You can go criss-cross back with this one. You can go the halter top with this one. Super bra! Look at that plunge front. Again – let’s get back to the bar tenders. Lean forward. Show the boys – here. $5 tip! Great! You know – Friday night – that’s it! You can’t how many bar tenders I sell this bra to! Turn. Ok? We have a wide back again. It’s a low front but it still gives you a great support. Nice back! You have three adjustments here – 1, 2, 3. Comes in – closer in, front out! Nice feature. You can also do a halter top on this one. Great plunge bra!

Breast Forms – Silicone or Foam. We have breast forms – do not forget it. Isn’t she a beauty? Call me MrBra! Call me MrBra! Call me Mr Breast Forms! Here at MrBra. Hey MrBra – you know how to fit a bra? Yes, I do! Call me MrBra! Call me any time! Call me MrBra! Call me MrBra!

Nursing Bras. Remember! We have them in every size! Blow out sale – today only! 12 months actually. Mastectomy bras. Post Surgery. Sports Bras. Here at MrBra! Front Closure – very crucial bras. Posture Bras. Your back hurts – we have them. Bra Fitting 101 – Part 4. Check out my next video – thank you – bye for now!

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