*Front Closure Bras*


Style # 986 : Zipper front strapless corset bra

Availability: In stock
Sizes : 32-44 B, C, D
Color: White, Black
*Lady Marlene
*Hidden hook and eye with front zipper
*Satin and lace with all day control and comfort, garter attachments


Style # 1200 : Front Closure bra by Glamorise

Availability: In stock
Sizes : 38-56 D-H
Color: White, Black, Beige
Brand: Glamorise
*Front closure with soft shoulder design
*Adjustable front hooks
*Unique cross under and over design is built for better uplift
*100% nylon
*Full figure support


Style # 209605 : Back Support Bandeau Bra

*Availability: In stock
*Size: 34 - 52 B,C,D,DD 36-52 DDD
*Color: White
*Brand: Cortland
*Front closure, long-line back support *Designed for back support to promote better posture
*Reduces stress on shoulders, straps remain on shoulder
*Similar to subtract
*Style # 9605 by Cortland identical to Subtract Style # 1305
*Bandeau version of longline style 9603 offers soft cups with hook and eye front closure
*A Subtract Style
*Venus Posture bra


The *front closure bra* offers the ease of putting it on. The aged, the elderly find this a convenient feature for medical and physical reasons such as back problems, arthritis or other loss of mobility. The young girl also likes the front closure bra because of the ease in wearing, removing and the speed of putting it on and taking it off. This front close bra has a hook, barrel or clasp closure which rests between the breasts in the center front.

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