Myla Dalbesio in Lingerie

Myla Dalbesio modeling on the beach. Myla Dalbesio shoots for the plus size ladies. Location: Curaco Myla Dalbesio bares her self while the sun sets. Myla Dalbesio poses with flamingos. Myla Dalbesio wearing sand. Location: Curaco Source: Sports Illustrated,

Hollywood Celebrity who glamorized Lingerie

Madonna wore the black and gold bustier (with tassels), during her “Who’s That Girl” tour Madonna – Biography : It’s little wonder that the best-reviewed film starring this mega-successful pop diva is the candid musical documentary Truth or Dare (1991). Recording artists often have a difficult time translating their appeal to the big screen, andContinue reading “Hollywood Celebrity who glamorized Lingerie”

Introduction to Lingerie

EVERYBODY WEARS lingerie. This broad category includes the first clothes we put on everyday and the last things we wear at night. These are probably the hardest working and most frequently washed and worn garments in our entire wardrobes. And what we wear matters. We know just what we like and what we don’t, andContinue reading “Introduction to Lingerie”

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