Post Surgery Bras

Style # 1803 : Post Surgery Bra – POST MASTECTOMY

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Size: 34 - 48 B/C/D,DD/F ; 36 - 48 G/H
Color: White
Brand: Glamorise
*Front closure post surgery
*"Complete comfort" bra with cups that self adjust to fit perfectly
*Antron nylon and lycra® spandex form a luxurious blend
*Extra wide shoulder comfort straps, support without discomfort
*Looks seamless, feels seamless
*Helenca stay-down inner band
*Great sleep bra as well
*Following breast cancer surgery, women will be discharged home with her drains and surgical dressings intact.
*This product is designed to help women feel more comfortable during this post operative period.
*Many of the post operative products are designed to be for short-term use but this is one that can continue to be useful after the incision has healed.


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