*Long Line Bras*

Style #1303 : Back support long line front closure

Availability: In stock
Sizes : 34-52 B,C,D,DD plus 36-52 DDD cups
Color: White
*Back support, front closure long line bra with special back to promote better posture and back support
*Style # 9603 by Cortland identical to Subtract Style # 1303
*Posture bra


Style # 1304 : Long line Bra

Availability: In stock
Sizes : 34-54 B, C, D, DD, 3D
Color: White, Black, Beige
*Special control panels in the body for shaping
*2" bottom band for support
*Under cup support panel



Style # 209603 : Back Support Soft Cup Longline Bra

Availability: In stock
Size: 34 - 46 B, C ; 34 - 52 D, DD
Brand: Cortland
Color: White, Black
*Back support, front closure long-line bra with special crisscross back to promote better posture and back support
*Style # 9603 by Cortland replaces Subtract Style # 1303/identical to Style # 1303
*Venus Posture bra
*There is a super size model 9603X


Style # 20745 : Front closure long line bra

Availability: In stock
Size: 34 - 42 B, 34 - 44 C, D
Color: White, Champagne
Brand: Carnival
*Front closure long line, double tricot undercup for ultimate support
*Banded bottom
*Adjustable straps


The *long line bra* is worn and used because it offers superior support for the breast and additional control around the waist and rib cage area. Giving the customer additional back support with the increase of slimming her waist area. Long lines are offered in a front closure, back closure or strapless form. This bustier extends further down the hip than the traditional waist-length cut.

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