Types of Bras


Push Up Bras: The Push Up bra started it all. It works by pushing up the breasts and pushing them inward.

Demi Cup Bras: The Demi Cup bra is a half-cup bra. It generally covers half the breast giving a bare-minimum look. Try a demi bra when wearing a plunging or revealing neckline. Designed with wide-set cups that just cover the nipple, they offer good support with maximum exposure. This style of bra is also perfect for women with shallow busts. If a woman’s breasts are fuller at the bottom than at the top, a demi cup bra will allow her to wear an underwire that fits her properly without a gap or wrinkling at the top of the bra cups.

Full Coverage Bras: Full Coverage bras are just that: they generally cover most of the breast.

Padded Bras: Padded bras generally have padding which gives the impression of a fuller bust. Many Push Up bras are padded. They are worn to enhance small breasts and also give them a shapely look.

Underwire Bras vs. No Underwire Bras (or Non Underwire Bras): Underwire bras come with wires placed right below the cups in a semi-circular shape to give extra lift and support to the larger breasted woman. Most bras have underwires. These “wires” are there to support the cups of the bra. Some women find underwires uncomfortable, thusly, a no underwire bra would better suit them. Often, however, an underwire bra provides more lift than one without the underwire. Under wire can be found in many different styles of bras. Some women swear by their under wires and others find them very uncomfortable. The only way to determine if this is a style of bra that will work for you is to give it a try. Start by purchasing one. Be sure to check your size first as over 68% of women wear the wrong size of bra. You can figure out your bra size by clicking to our fitting page. Most bras, including under wire, come in a wide range of color. The most important factor in choosing a color is personal taste. If you go nuts over red then it’s the color red that you want! If you think the sexiest color is black, go and get it! Have fun and be brave with your bra color choice. A bright yellow lacey bra can really add brightness to an otherwise dull day.

Convertible Bras or Strapless Bras: Strapless bras, sometimes called convertibles, have no straps. These bras are generally worn with strapless dresses. They are dual purpose bras that can be used as normal or strapless bras. They come useful while wearing a backless bodice or halter tops.

Maternity Bras: Selecting a maternity bra is slightly different from your regular bra purchasing routine because your breasts are changing daily. You will find that your breasts become increasingly heavy, more sensitive and considerably larger as your pregnancy advances. Different stages of your pregnancy will require a larger bra. Purchase a bra that fits you as you are right now. Avoid the trap of purchasing a larger sized bra that leaves room for future growth. This works with children’s clothes. It does not work with maternity bras. Your breasts need proper support now and a good fitting bra will contribute to your sense of well being as your body goes through the many changes associated with pregnancy. You can get some flexibility in your bra fit by purchasing a four-station back closure. And we suggest that you chose a style with wide, cushioned, non-stretch shoulder straps. This bra feature will provide the best support without digging patterns into your shoulders. And finally, as your pregnancy advances, it is wise to move from a straight maternity bra to a nursing bra.

Nursing Bras: These are specially used by new mothers to nurse their children. The cups can be opened to feed the child. The best time to buy a nursing bra is during mid to late pregnancy, or when your pregnancy bras are no longer comfortable. Always buy a nursing bra that gives you good support but also allows for some extra room for nursing pads. And be sure to buy more than one nursing bra because nursing mothers have a tendency to leak breast milk. When considering a flap-nursing bra, be sure that you can easily unhook and re-hook the flaps, or easily pull the bra aside with one hand. Typically, the plastic clip version is easy to operate with one hand. If you plan on using a breast pump, you may want to consider a nursing bra that will work well with a hands free pumping system. A stretchy nursing bra also has its advantages.

Mastectomy Bras: Mastectomy bras are designed with pockets in the cup area to hold a breast prosthesis. There are a wide range of styles and colors of mastectomy bras and more and more are being added to the market all the time. Design and fit improvements are constantly advancing too. If you are not satisfied with the comfort and fit of your current mastectomy bra, we recommend that you continue your search. The silicone breast prosthesis simulates the natural breast in it’s shape and weight. The main advantage of prosthesis is to provide symmetry and balance to the breast cancer survivor’s body. Getting the right prosthesis is fundamentally important to your eventual comfort level. With a good fitting prosthesis, and a well designed and fitted mastectomy bra, you will be helping to balance your posture and provide protection for your chest and breast cancer scars. As well, you will reduce your chances of back problems and shoulder and neck pain. And, your pre-surgery clothes will continue to fit you well. Consult with your doctor about the timing for your breast prosthesis and mastectomy bra. Healing varies with each woman depending on the surgery.

Sports Bras: They are used essentially by sportswomen for maximum support and comfort while playing. They are mainly made from lycra to provide optimum elasticity. Sports bras provide support, motion control and a comfortable, snug fit during workouts. Choosing a sports bra that fits you well, matches your activity level and offers you a soft feel with moisture-wicking performance is your goal.

Full Figure Bras: By far, the most common error among full-figured women is buying a bra with cups that are too small and then compensating by going up to a band size that is too big for them. This mistake is understandable since many bra styles typically don’t come in larger cup sizes. Find out what your measurements are, and only buy bras that are made specifically for your measurements. A second problem is denial. Our culture if focused on small body shapes so this adds tremendous pressure and challenge to the full figured woman’s psyche. You need to wear a bra that fits your body. A smaller cup size isn’t going to make your breasts any smaller, but a properly fitted bra will at least be COMFORTABLE and better for your physical health. Try not to define yourself by your bra size. You are much more than that. Try using another, more flattering term like voluptuous. Or, look into the option of breast reduction surgery.

Bridal Bras: Today’s wedding dresses come in such a wide range of styles and designs it is no wonder that a line of bridal bras have been created as the perfect undergarment compliment. Given the pressure of the wedding day, your bridal bra comfort should be your number one concern. The best way to achieve this goal is to accurately take your measurements and buy a bra that fits you, not just your dress. Only your bra’s style should be dictated by your dress choice. Your bridal bra style will depend on the neck, back and shoulder line of your wedding dress. Try to avoid needing safety pins and other last minute changes by trying the bra and dress on together in advance. To do this, bring your bra to your final wedding dress fitting. Be sure to check with the return policy of the bra retailer first to be sure that you can make a return should you need to. Bridal bras tend to be white. And you will want to wear your bra again. Consider hand washing your bra using liquid detergents made for delicates. This will prevent your lovely bridal bra from fraying, fading or tearing and give you many years of pleasure out of this special purchase.

Vintage Bras: Thanks to the World Wide Web, you can find both original vintage bras as well as excellent reproductions of some of the pasts most extraordinary bra styles. With original vintage, a reputable dealer will mention slight imperfections in the descriptions, however, it is possible for vintage lingerie to have the occasional snag, storage soil or age freckles. Often, original vintage bras are new, have never been worn and in excellent condition. Wearing vintage is a wonderful and fun way of connecting with our past. Whether original or a reproduction, slipping into a 1940’s Bullet Bra will give you the famous Sweater Girl look of the Hollywood stars. Or, perhaps you prefer to slip farther back in time and try out a corset. Today’s styles of yesterday’s underwear include back lacing, boned corsets with a Victoria feel and waste cinching look. So if Moulin Rouge is more your style, a corset may be the perfect fashion accessory for you. No matter what you choose, buy a vintage bra size and style that fits your body and body type. Vintage bras are the perfect every day costume. Go for it.

Teen Bras: The teenage years are an exciting time of development for young women. And purchasing your first bra is an experience that you will long remember. Ideally, you will want this memory to be pleasant. This should be easy to achieve. Teen bras are available in a variety of sizes and types and are designed to fit the smallest of physical frame to the well-endowed teen with maximum style and comfort. First and foremost, it is important to take accurate measurements for correct fit. Today, teen bras are made in a variety of fun and pretty styles. One of the most harrowing experiences of adolescence can be in the locker room preparing for gym class. Make sure your teen has the confidence to change in these crowded situations without feeling unattractive or out of style. When you’re a teenager, bras can be a fashion statement. With tank tops in style, you’ll want bras that have fun and flexible prints, to go with any outfit. You will want to find teen bras that offer teens the chance for youthfulness and movement, without compromising support. Teen bras are made with the colors, styles, and patterns of youth in mind, and the comfort and support that every woman – no matter their age – requires.

Belly Dance Bras: Belly Dancing is sweeping the nation and you can join in the fun and splendor of it all. Of course you will want to sign up for a class. And you will definitely want to invest in a spectacular costume. The belly dance costume bra is one of the main features of any belly dance costume. Beaded, fringed and dangling with coins, the belly dance bra is designed to give your bust line the most attractive shape possible. There are several key elements to look for when purchasing a belly dance bra. First and foremost, you will want the closure to be solid and reliable. Having a second closure is a good backup. There is much breast shaking, shimmying and breast rolling in most belly dance routines. You don’t want to be worrying about your bra flying off during an undulation. Second, you will want strong and secure shoulder straps. Tee straps are good. Criss-crossing your straps will also reduce the chances of them slipping off your shoulders during a shoulder roll. Be sure to check that the breast cups are hard shelled. Beads, coins and fringe are heavy and need to be firmly secured to a base that will not tear from a lazy camel move. Fabric choices range from luxurious velvet to shimmering lame, rich brocade, or oh-la-la sequins. It will be hard to decide. And you likely can’t go wrong. Also worth noting is that increased exercise is one way of reducing your chances of breast cancer. There is nothing to say that exercise can’t be fun and sensual. And, belly dance is an amazing physical workout.

Leather Bras: Leather is one of the most sensual fabrics you can wear. Because of this, there is a wide selection of leather bras available on the market. Plain, studded or adorn with chains, a leather bra can be extremely comfortable, exciting to wear and last a lifetime with proper care. Never store your leather bra in a non-breathable cover. This will cause the leather to dry out. If your bra becomes damp or wet, dry the leather out naturally and away from a direct heat source. If your bra seems dry or stiff, treat it with a leather conditioner to restore flexibility. Professional leather cleaning is recommended for all leathers. Ask your dry cleaner whom they recommend. If you have a leather bra set, clean all parts at the same time, since a slight variation is color or texture may occur as a natural result of the cleaning process. Your leather bra may shrink slightly, but it will stretch again with wear. Home care products are also available if you chose to clean your leather bras yourself.

Sexy Bras: There are as many styles of sexy bras as there are women. Often, the purchaser of a sexy bra is a woman’s lover. This can sometimes prove challenging as a lover may have very different hopes and expectations for the outcome of the purchase than the woman who will eventually wear the bra. Here are a few tips for you to take into consideration when purchasing a bra for someone else. First know the type of woman that you are buying for. This includes knowing her size and perhaps her favorite color. A sexy bra is a gift for both of you, not just you. There is little sense making a purchase that will never be worn because the style is outside of her comfort zone. Consider her preferences, body shape and personality. If this isn’t obvious to you, a great place to get clues is in her bedroom. Is the room seductive or romantic? Perhaps she is into a retro look or vintage decor. As a person, does she like to try new things? Does she have an active imagination? By asking these questions and doing some thinking in advance you stand a greater chance of buying the perfect sexy bra for your lover and getting a wonderful return on investment.

Name Brand Bras: All bras are not created equal. A cheap, poorly made bra is as easy to come by as a cheap and poorly made pair of shoes. And as with shoes, cheap and poorly made, typically mean you feel pain and the product wears out quickly. Remember that buying a well made, high quality bra will give you the best fit and performance AND reduce the frequency of bra shopping for those of you that loath that experience. The following is a partial list of well respected, name brand bra manufacturers: Bali, Elena, Gossard, Lunaire, Teenform, Barely There, Elita, Hanro, Maidenform, Ultimo, Calvin Klein, Fantasie of England, Leading Lady, Moving Comfort, Vanity Fair, Carnival, Fashion Forms, Lejaby, Naton, Wonderbra, Vogue Dessous, Chantelle, VPM, Wacoal, Warner’s, Olga, Shirley of Hollywood, Smoothie, Lou, Lilyette, Lily of France, Felina, Chantelle, Glemart, Goddess, DKNY and DKI. Bras are an investment. Shopping takes time. Bras cost money. With proper care, your bras life will be extended to last as long as possible. If you decide to machine wash your bras, always use the gentle cycle and put bras in a nylon bag, stocking or special garment bag so that certain pieces like bras won’t wrap around the agitator.

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