*Lymphedema Bras*

Compression Bra for Lymphoedema

Style # BES04 : Compression Bra Class I – The Compressure Comfort® Bra for lymphedema and other post surgical needs

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Size: 32-48 A/B,C/D,DD/E
Color: Beige
Brand: *Bellisse
*Comfort has arrived for Lymphoedema and Post - Surgical patients
*For chest and breast lymphoedema
*Comfortable, sustainable compression, unobtrusive unprecedented adjustabilty in this garment
*Coping everyday with chest and breast edema
*Great for immediately following lumpectomy or mastectomy, heart surgery, lumpectomy, etc.
*Comfort after post-radiation fibrosis
*Expert engineering
*Zipper front
*Hook and eye back
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*Lymphoedema bra* is for women who suffer from lymph congestion in the breast and thorax area. This type of bra is ideal as it has a massage effect due to the special burled fabric and actively promotes blood circulation of blood in the skin. It stimulates lymph drainage and has a positive effect on scar healing. This medical bra is designed to wick moisture away from the skin. Front eye and hook fastener is on the outside of the bra to prevent any skin irritation. The straps have a 3 position hook and eye fastener for altering sizing.