Vollers Corset Company

Vollers Corset Company

Vollers Corset Company is one of the oldest established corset makers in the world.

They continue to produce traditionally made, steel boned corsets, renowned for their high quality and authenticity since 1899. Each corset is individually crafted from start to finish in their own factory in Portsmouth, England, using the finest materials and fabrics available.

The corsets are taken from patterns created by the founder over 100 years ago, so you have patterns that have been tried and tested for over 100 years.

The company is run by the great grandson of the founder, so it is not here today gone tomorrow and has a lifetime’s reputation to uphold.

They use only the very best materials, right down to the thread, and the corsets are not mass produced, each corset being made by one machinist from start to finish. The front busk is made of stainless steel and the bones are galvanized steel.

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