How to find lingerie for wife

Step 1: Knowing your wife’s size, style, personality and shape.

So, in doing that, you want to look at her lingerie. And look at:

A) What her favorite colors are. B) What her favorite style is. C) What her size is.

The best thing to do is to look at the label on a pair of underwear, at the back. And, it says large (L) here. But sometimes, it has number sizes such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12. Ok? Just so you get that correct.

How to find lingerie size

Step 2: And then on the bra, its actually on the back wing – as we say – where the clasp is. The label is here. You can find her cup size, which is a 32B. So, that’s also very important to make sure you get the accurate cup size.

How to find bra size

Step 3: Her style you can basically find out on your own by seeing how many bras she has of a particular style. Of course, which is the most she has in her drawer – that’s the best indicator.

There are three different kinds of styles. She could be sophisticated. She could be sexy. Or, she can be very fun and playful. So, those are the three different styles of bras you can actually buy for your wife.

Step 4: Also, lingerie color depends on her hair color. Blond, brunette or red head. So, that’s very useful information to find out as well. Darker colors are always great for brunettes. Pastels are great for blondes. And red heads of course use the richer colors. Which are dark emerald greens or bright emerald greens. Or sapphire blues.

How to find lingerie for wife
How to find lingerie color

Step 5: Gift your wife her favorite lingerie on her birthday. And, pleasantly surprise her!

Thanks for joining us today! And, we will see you soon!!


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