How to choose breast forms?

What are breast forms?

Breast forms are products made to enhance, restore or give the appearance of breasts. They are pretty much used by everyone: transgender women, cross dressers, drag queens, cosplayers, cis women, the whole gambit!

How to buy breast forms?

Keep in mind that breast forms are notorious for being quite expensive. And the more detailed they are, the higher they go up in price. This is a full on breast form. It’s more of a teardrop, more ovular. But this has sort of a simple areola and nipple. When it gets a little higher up there in terms of price, this area gets super hyper realistic. It tends to have more of a matte finish rather than a shine. There’s a lot to choose from. Do you want a nipple? Do you not want it? You can get them transparent. It really depends on what you are looking for. Now breast forms are pretty similar to what are called breast prosthesis. They are used by cis women temporarily or primarily after undergoing a mastectomy or a lumpectomy. These breast prosthesis may be exactly what you are looking for. But the thing is you don’t really have to count on it.

Once you know, there are several brands. Several I can name on the back of my hand: The Divine Collection – very reputable, Transform – see what it did there, Gold Seal, Amo Lux, Dress Tech Pro Forms, Amoena, mPals. And there are dozens of online retailers that sell breast forms meant for the queer community. So, the truth is the market has found your demographic and you are going to be doing just fine. And looking for a retailer that caters to your crowd. Depending on what your crowd is. Online retailers selling breast forms includes: Janet’s Closet,, EnFemmeStyle, Glamour Boutique (personal favorite),, TheBreatFormStore (one of the go-to’s),,, Roanyer, Pro Cross Dresser (, Dry Queen Accessories (PalsBreastForms), Divine Collection breast forms and Amoena.

For the sake of this video, I am mostly talking about going from a flat chest to a full pair of breasts. It’s the transformation I had to deal with. It’s the transformation most of my audience has to deal with. But at the same time there will be certain products where you can take small breasts and really enhance them with the certain products that we are going to be talking about. Breast forms feminize you in that replicate the female anatomy. They actually fill out female garments. You will find with certain dresses, there’s space that boobs need to fill for it to fit properly. Now that you have got big honkers, you are actually leading with your chest rather than your belly as men typically tend to do.

Breast form specifics – How do we define it? What are we looking for in terms of the one we want to get for ourselves?

Firstly, we are looking at shape. This is more of a teardrop and it’s a little more ovular. You can find ones that are on the more triangular side, more asymmetrical or simply rounded.

Breast Form shapes

There is also dealing with the level of concave at the backside. I don’t know if you can pick that up. Breast forms sometimes are concave like this. So, if you have a little bit of breast tissue, it’s basically meant to adhere to that.

Concave breast forms

Furthermore, how much does the breast form project? how big is it? Are you looking for fetish mode, huge ones or are you looking for something that’s going to more anatomically fit you?

Texture, you are looking at shine on this one. And, then you have more on the higher ends. You are looking more at a matte sort of finish. How does it feel? How squishy is it? How heavy is it? Is it mimicking the natural weight of breast tissue? What’s the material? Is it silicone? Is it foam? Latex? Is it a non-silicone like pals. This may matter to you, it may not.

But how realistic are we looking at the breast form? So, are you looking at just a simple detail like this with the areola and nipple really kind of drawn on. Or, do you want very detailed meticulous texture on the nipple region?

And speaking of nipples, the nipples are really a thing with breast forms! Many breast forms go out of their way to make the nipples the most detailed imaginable. Obviously, on the higher end, they get more detailed. Some of them can be customizable. You can get different colors, different sizes. Some breast forms have it where you can take off one nipple. And you can glue on a new one, depending on the occasion. Some of them are different colors. So, you can have rose, blush, cinnamon and even chocolate. I never knew about this! Big nipples, small nipples. They are really a thing!

Nipples in breast forms

Breast form Material: What are breast forms made of?

It’s mostly three types of material or even one. The first one is silicone. Typically, what you are gonna find with a breast form is something along the lines of this.

Silicone Breast Forms

Something that has a shine and its made of silicone gel enclosed in a polyurethane seal. It is made by pouring silicone gel into a mold lined with an outer shell. Which protects the silicone gel and maintains the shape of the breast. Silicone is bar far the most realistic looking. It moves like natural breasts. They tend to feel the most realistic. Furthermore, silicone tends to absorb your natural body heat. Once you take them off, you kind of realize they are more like lukewarm. Keep any sharp objects away from it. Keep your pets away from it. Remove your jewelry before putting it on. Keep your sharp nails away from it. Make sure they are filed.

Silicone breast forms

Foam Breast Forms

Foam breast form tends be a far lighter material. Has a little bit more of a cushiony texture. It is made from neutral colored memory type foam that is slightly stiffened to maintain shape. But the downside is they don’t feel or move like natural breasts whatsoever. They also tend to get a little more dirty. They are more porous than silicone is. So, its absorbs sort of everything. And putting in perspective where it’s not real. We have to keep in mind where are you wearing your breast forms? Are you going out in public? Is it going to be fully conspicuous under your clothing? Are you having something to cover it? And say you are in a bar environment where: somehow somewhere someone can cop a feel on you. If they find out that your boobs, your breasts are not real, that could lead to a legitimately dangerous situation. Furthermore, unlike silicone breasts where you can spray on an adhesive and literally just smack it on; foam ones tend not to be adhesive friendly. I am really bashing the foam breast forms. But there are some legitimate upsides. In terms of breast forms, they tend to be very economical. And silicone breast forms which have that polyurethane seal, it’s best not to sleep in those. Because you can easily put pressure on it and it will burst. But with foam ones it’s far safer to sleep in those ones. And furthermore, compared to silicone, they are more breathable a material.

Foam breast forms

Latex Breast Forms

These are a little harder to come by. It seems that the products that tend to be latex material tend to be the breast plates which we will discuss a little later. These ones can be pretty good. They are kind of similar: a little bit more to silicone rather than foam. The couple of issues that people run into are: you can have an allergy and sensitivity to it. And, secondly, it can leave quite an odor, quite a smell, Which if you are a fan of latex like I am: it could be a problem, it could be the most euphoric thing you have ever imagined. It could work in your favor, it may not. But those are generally the three main ones.

Latex breast forms

There are silicone ones that are like a pure silicone that don’t have that seal. And they can be better to sleep in. Something for example like the Divine Collections Aphrodite breast forms, are a little more of a high-end silicone. And then there is Pals breast forms, which are a non-silicone breast form.

Breast Form shapes

In terms of individual breasts, you have symmetrical breast forms. They basically have the exact same shape. In other words, they are inter changeable.

Then you have ovular or teardrop breast forms. These are often recommended for passing as they tend to be a little more conservative and don’t project as crazily as the other forms. A sort of thing you can do: it’s kind of a little hack. You can either apply it like this right here, But you can also do it flip it around. And go sort of a horizontal route to sort of create what asymmetrical breasts want to do: which is creating the underarm fat that is in breast tissue.

Next is: triangular breast forms. In this case, the longest part of it: actually runs at the bottom for optimum positioning to wrap around your chest. Triangular breast forms project a little bit more: about 25% to 30% more than an ovular. or a round one. They are ideal for wanting to be extra extra busty!

Triangular breast forms

Next is: asymmetrical breast forms. They tend to be the most accurate. This is where there’s definitely a left one and a right one. The reason it’s sort of like this is because it replicates more realistically what actual breast tissue tends to do. So, anyone who is not aware on how the booby tissue works: in media, our eyes are trained to understand that boobs are just right here in the center. And, it’s just not true. It’s not really natural. Breast tissue is not just in the front, it actually extends all the way to the underarms and sometimes even to your back.

Types of breast form products you will be picking out: there are a few main ones.

First, you are doing breast form bras. You are basically getting something like this that has a sort of backside like this. And you are basically putting it into a pocket bra. It holds the forms securely against your chest. It has a sheer front which gives the look of real feminine breasts. And the spandex sizes and bras allows the form to move around really really freely. So, it will give you a nice bounce.

Breast form bras

Next is: I guess you can call it breastplates. But more strap-on breasts. Or, strap-on forms. These are basically breast forms that have a harness like strap over them. This is where we are sort of getting into this notion of what are you looking for really in terms of how it’s going to feel, how it’s going to look and sort of what vibe are you going to be giving. It seems (I could be wrong here), but it appears that with restaurants like this you are more catering to like a fetish crowd or more of a cross-dressing crowd. And I don’t this would appeal that much to transwomen, as it feels like you are putting on your femininity. Where as, most trans girls I imagine are not really into that sort of thing. It has basically more of a costume vibe, is what I am getting at.

Strap-on breast forms

Attachable breast forms or Adhesive forms: This is one of the most thorough I am going to be talking about. Attachable forms require an adhesive. So, either a spray on, a liquid or a double-sided tape. You would be using the ones that are like this. And you will be basically putting on an adhesive at the back. Some of them have a built-in adhesive that you have to maintain. And with these it really puts in perspective how much of the feeling do you want. Do you want other people to see your breast forms? Or, are you more concerned about how they are going to make you feel? And, with adhesive breast forms where they just move freely and they are securely on your body, it feels the most gratifying and gender affirming, that they are just a part of you. They are not secured by something else. It’s not like something you have to take off. With adhesive or attachable breast forms, it’s often recommended to attach them to the barest of bare chests. You don’t want any debris, oil, dead skin cells or body hair or chest hair getting in the way of adhering breasts to that area.

Attachable breast forms


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